Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Week Summer Getaway

How was your summer so far folks?
I can't believed that summer is about to be over. I think technically over, well for us since the school starting already. Kids are back to school again and life as usual is getting crazy. Summer vacation is so short especially in our family. We were busy the whole summer with the kids activity and when they were done with it, we mostly stayed home, meet some family and enjoyed our 1 week vacation. We drove to NYC and stayed there for three days. I need to renew my passport and that was the main reason of our trip. After the renewal we walk around Manhattan and ride a boat to staten island. Thank you to my SIL and her family for letting us stay in their home.
Another long hours of drive again heading to Virginia Beach as our vacation destination. It was short but we made it worth while. The kids had so much fun playing at the beach for the first time. I just felt bad for husband driving from Pittsburgh to NYC to Virginia. I think that was tiring and traumatizing that is why he decided not to go back no matter how enticing the beach and the whole resort in general.
Anyway, I hope you guys too have exciting summer and enjoy the rest of this warm weather.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Planning the Ultimate Getaway with Online Help

You look forward to your vacation all year long. You want every detail to be perfect, which is why you may begin planning months in advance. When you want to simplify your trip to deluxe locations like Marriott Singer Island, you may wonder what easy resources are available to you. You can make this getaway planning process fast and convenient by using the Internet for most of your preparations.

One of the primary reasons you may want to visit the online site centers on getting to know the location. If you have never before been to this location, you may wonder what it looks like. A large part of taking a vacation involves enjoying the scenic beauty of your destination. You can get an idea of what it looks like by visiting the website.

You can also read about what other visitors have thought of the resort. While you may take some of the reviews with a certain amount of skepticism, you can take many seriously if you find a common thread that they all share. For example, if the reviews mention great customer service and spacious hotel rooms, you may take this information as factual. You also may look forward to enjoying such comforts yourself when you and your family arrive.

Another reason to check out the website centers on finding out what kind of accommodations are available. You may need a hotel room with just a single bed and bathroom or you may need larger rooms if you are bringing along your whole family. The site is set up so that you can find out what size rooms are available anytime of the year. You can find accommodations that have two bedrooms and two bathrooms available, for instance. You can also find rooms of other sizes as well. Once you find the accommodations that you want, you can book them using the online booking features on the website.

When you are planning your family's ultimate getaway, you may have questions about the resort, the payment process, securing the rooms, or other concerns. Rather than leave such questions until you actually arrive, you can get the details now by contacting the resort location using the online information listed on the site. You can also read the FAQ section that is available to guests online so that you can answer most of your own questions.

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