Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beware with little teeth

My son has 4 teeth already. He will be 10 months next week. He likes biting things especially our rubber mat that has numbers on it. He would pull those number and bite them, or anything that he can put in his mouth, well except banana he like sucking it than biting them. This morning, he was in our bed waiting for me to get up. I know he wanted to go out and watch his favorite morning cartoons but i didn't let him. I was still sleepy, and I didn't want to get up yet. I'm holding his waist while he was playing and kept pulling my hair when all of a sudden he bit my arm. Ouch! was my first word in shock, that bite woke up my whole sences, and there my baby next to me just clapping his hands, smilling at me. I checked my arm, saw a tiny teeth mark. Who would have thought those little teeth could hurt like that. Don't underestimate those little teeth.


The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Oh, yes they do hurt! LOL! I always told my kiddos to bite themselves instead of someone else. That always stopped them :)

FickleMinded said...

it does hurt indeed!! good thing though,sounds like he's getting used to it, hindi na sya nagkakasakit.

Andrea Singer said...

I know what you mean! My 8.5 month old has six already -- four which all came at the same time this month -- ahh!

Karlana said...

Those baby teeth bites are the worst! I do not miss the teething days, at all! LOL

Samantha Ysabelle said...

Hello mommy! thanks for the visit and the comment on my post. congrats on your baby having four teeth already! we are the same! yay! waiting for my 5ht and 6th to come out too. good thing i didn't get sick like some kids do! i thinks we have a strong jaw that's why we bite painfully! i bite my mommy sometimes too... on the lips when i kiss her. nakakagigil kasi.

btw mommy, would you like to x;links with me? please let me knoe. hugs!


wais kaayo ning ato mga anak sa? they do something bad and they know it, all they have to do is flash us with that big angelic eyes and were goners,heheheh..

i better watch it then pud since kaitlyn just cut her first tooth last month.

simplyjacy said...

yikes! i'm sure that would hurt. i've been victimized by those little teeth too!

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stan said...

show us a picture of him with his teeth! :O

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Mine just got 2 on the bottom and I see the tops ones poking out! I warn people to beware but he gets that 'who me?' look and then locks down!

Enchie said...

A small bite will surely wake you up :) what a cute story.

Cecile said...

hello dear, you have a nice blog ;-) so i am following it now, hope you do the same with mine :-)

Cecile said...

was here visiting :-); thanks for visiting and the comment on fruit salad :-)

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