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cooties (yuk)

Warning: This post may sound yucky and nasty, it's up to you to finish or stop reading it.
It may cause stigma to other people especially here in america because cooties is not common here. I read this in some health magazine, I think its good to share it to the public by posting it in my blog. I was a public elementary school teacher in cebu city, I encountered a lot of this pest like the head lice to some of my children in the class. You just have to let them practice the proper hygiene and make it a habit.

By definition, cooties are lice (and one cootie is a louse).
Description: Tiny,wingless,parasitic insect. Feeds on blood from scalp.
Symptoms: Can start with a feeling of tickling or crawling on the head, followed by itching and scratching.
Treatment: Over-the-counter medicated shampoo, cream rinse or lotion.
Note: Nits and lice need to be removed by hand on children 2 years old and younger.
Prevention: Do not share personal items from brushes and combs to headbands, helmets and towels. Wash all bed linens and clothing in very hot (130 degree Fahrenheit) water; dry on hot cycle for atleast 20 minutes.
Other microscopic beings that considered cooties are:
Description: Intestinal, contagious (but harmless) infection caused by tiny parasitic worms.
Symptoms: Rectal itching, particularly at night. Bed-wetting - caused by pinworms irritating the urethra.
Treatment: Pediatrician-prescribed anti-worm medicine, and an anti-itching cream.
Prevention: Daily bathing and changing of underware. Hand-washing after going to the bathroom, after playing outside and before eating.
Description: Tiny mites' eggs cause skin infection of small blisters and itchy bumps.
Symptoms: Severe itching, particularly between fingers and toes.
Treatment: call the pediatric dermatologist, who may prescribe a medicated cream or lotion. An antibiotic also may be necessary if your child develops a skin infection from scratching.
Prevention: Do not share personal items. Wash linens and clothing in hot water. Vacuum thoroughly; discard vacuum bag.
Description: Tiny, red mites with claws that pierce the skin to allow them to inject saliva to dissolve skin cells, which they ingest.
Symptoms: Itchy, red bump that grows and becomes even itchier.
Treatment: Prescribe medication to stop the itching and infection and infection caused by scratching.
Prevention: Insect reppelent with 10 percent to 30 percent DEET. Wear long- sleeved shirts and long pants when hinking or playing in grassy areas. Wash clothes in hot water, and take a hot, soapy shower immediately after going indoors.
Description: A fungal infection ( similar to athlete's foot and jock itch) found on the scalp or on the skin, as well as the nails on hands and feet.
Symptoms: Small, pimple-like sore, which becomes flaky, like dandruff. Itchy, red skin with circular, pathcy lesions.
Treatment: Antifungal ointment for skin, or oral medicationfor scalp and nails.
Prevention: Do not share personal items. Wear flip-flops in locker rooms and showers.
Description: Blood-sucking parasites. Part of the arachnid family, there are hundreds of different kinds of ticks. The deer tick can can carry Lyme disease, and the dog tick can carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever ( although cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans are rare in this region).
Symptoms: Some redness around bite area.
Treatment: Use a pair if tweezers to remove the ticks. Swab the site with rubbing alcohol. The pediatrician may want to see the tick to determine if antibiotics should be prescribed.
Prevention: Wear enclosed shoes or boots and long pants when in woods or grassy areas.

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