Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Story time

It's Saturday, the weather is cold (34degree fahrenheit) as usual, with 2 inches snow stick to the ground, but it wasn't that bad because it's not windy. Our local library here has hold different activities for babies and toddler. Every monday at 6:00 pm and saturday at 11:00 am is their schedule for Family Story time open to all ages. So we went to the library this morning to have jake join in their saturday family story time. Kids of different ages with their respective mommy or daddy were there too. This is our first time to be in that activity, we got there 10 mins early, so we let him play for a while. The story teller begin the story with a song and stretching, and showing the kids the picture of arthur from the cover of the book. The story was about using one of our sences. She read the story to the kids and asked them questions while she's reading to them. I tried to get jake to listen, well he paid attention for a few minutes and back again staring with that chinese girl next to us. Those older kids were so cute, and witty they participated well and answer whatever questions the story teller ask. Jake and those other babies of his age and younger, I don't know if they were really paying attention to the story, but for sure they enjoy the singing, the clapping and all. They even want to keep that egg shaker and trying to eat those cinamon and mint that the story teller has for them to smell. The story telling ended with an action songs and rymes. At the end of the whole activities, she provided all the kids with this paper plate cut like a mask and some crayons and marker to draw a face with, but jake wanted to eat the crayon so we left and head home. There were snow and sleet falling when we headed home and jake i think like it coz he didn't react to the cold, he lick those snow that has dropped onto his face. That was fun, we think of doing that next saturday again if the weather is fine or try their other activities. Try check your local library about any activities for babies and toddler, i think it's good for them to have an interaction with other babies or kids.


Liz said...

sounds like a lot of fun. yes it's good for kids/babies to interact with other kids.

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

What a fun day for you guys :) That sounds like a great idea, I hope to get Logan involved in something like that in our area. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog :)

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