Friday, January 23, 2009

Time out or Stick out

From my previous post, time outs i can tell really works here in America. I always watch family oriented show and parenting shows on TV like the Jon and Kate plus 8, I see how they used that technique putting their kids in time out once they misbehave to let them know that what they did is not good or not right, and their kids understand what time out is. Meanwhile, in other country like philippines, where I came from, I don't think so time out works to all in there. Though other parents apply that to their kids some of them succeeded i guess and most of them failed. Based from my experience as a grade school teacher in a public school before, I tried to apply that techniques to my 50 kids in the classroom and it wasn't working. I remember one time, there was one trouble maker kids that I put in a time out, instead of feeling sorry for what he did, he even liked it, he stayed in the corner making silly things, and distructing his classmates from their work. I can't apply corporal punishment either coz its not allowed, I called the parents attention regarding the behavior, the parents won't come to the school. I found out that kid not scared anymore with any slight punishment because he was immune to the stick or belt his parents used to beat at them. In their home everytime they made mistake , their parents would beat them hard. What works for us there most of the time is the stick out, or spanking everytime we done something wrong, and in fairness there are also few parents instead of spanking their kids or putting them in a time out they talk to them in a nice way,telling their kids to not to do bad things again i don't know how effective would that be. I don't agree with beating up your kids to learn their mistake. I myself grew up getting spanked by my parents everytime i did wrong and there were times that i hated it. Now that i have my own kid i don't want to inflict pain to them, I think i like this time out, as a way of disciplining them. Every parents has their own way of disciplining their children and they know whats best for them..


Tetcha said...

In my son's case, this time out will not work. When he really does something bad, I resort to spanking, which I oftentimes regret. He doesn't really want to be spanked either, so what actually works is when we tell him he's going to be spanked if he does not amend his ways.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Loved this post!
We generally put our kids "in the corner" which means that they spend their "time-out" time in a corner of our house with their little noses in the corner. That way they couldn't make faces, etc. to the kids that were not in a time out. This works really well from my perspective because I could keep doing what I needed to with one less child for a few mins. When they come out of their time out they are always ready to behave and join in again. Being left out is never fun.

Now that they are getting a little to old for a time out we take something that they value away... Take for instance, tonight our middle child was being naughty so tomorrow he doesn't get to play video games while the rest do. By Sunday he'll be as nice as pie :)

Thanks so much for visiting both my blogs. I really appreciate it! :)

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