Monday, February 16, 2009


First week of march will be jake's next appointment to his pediatrician, im sure he's gonna get a shot again but after this it'll take a long time before he will get another shot. Everytime jake get vaccinated i can't bear looking at him crying, it was always hubby holding him while the nurse gave him the shots. I'm sure a lot of mother felt the same way to their babies, but I understand how important and safe the vaccines are for my baby. The long - term health of our children depends on immunization. I just wanna share what I read in some health magazine about vaccination.
To help parents understand just how critical it is for children to be vaccinated against diseases, Dr. Diamond, offers scientific facts about the efficacy and safety of vaccines to counter three widely held myths.

MYTH: Vaccines cause many serious side effects.
FACT: The risk of serious side effects is one in 10 million. " Weigh that against theserious diseases that are prevented," he says.

MYTH: More than one vaccine at a time will overload my child's immune system.
FACT: The vaccinations contain antigens, which are substances that stimulate antibodies.
Children are exposed to antigens daily. Clinical trials have repeatedly proven the benefit
and safetyof multiple vaccines.

MYTH: Vaccines cause autism.
FACT: " There is not one shred of scientific data supporting this myth," says Dr. Diamond.
"There are many, many studies that demonstrate no relationship between vaccines and
There are some mothers who are against vaccination and I respect whatever reasons they have. As parents what we are after is the welfare and health of our kids.


LODS said...

i always get scared when kaitlyn goes in for her shots but she has not cried on the last two visits.she is a toughie,but after i always keep a close eye on her in case of a reaction to the medication. It is scary when you hear stories about reactions to vaccines.

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

Vaccines are no fun. We break up Logan's so he only has to have two shots at each appt so it's less painful, and that way if there are ever side effects or it does come out that there is definitely a link to various problems, hopefully it won't be as severe for him as if he was getting all of the standard shots at the same time. It gives me peace of mind anyway -- it's a compromise for me since I don't feel right about not vaccinating at all but I also don't feel it's necessary to put such a high dose of nasty ingredients into little babies bodies!

Cascia Talbert said...

I just found you on entrecard. You have a very beautiful blog!

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