Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Appointment to Starbucks

We had our doctor's appointment this afternoon, everything went well heard the baby's heartbeat so far so good. On the way home I wanted to stop by at the park to have jake play for a while since we never did anything last weekend but my handsome hubby was pretending he forgot coz his mind was so pre-occupied with another appointments and stuff. The day was pretty great, I don't want to waste my time staying the whole day inside our dungeon. The sun was waving telling us to enjoy the good weather. So, jake and I took a walk downhill to the starbucks we go. His riding in his sports car and I pushed him down. We had strawberry creme frapuccino and cakes and cookies to finished the amount in my starbucks card. I was thinking of stopping at the korean store and this child wardrobe and adults too store to look for prego jeans but my back was sore from pushing my little buckaroo plus this fat tummy sticking out started to show off. And I still have to push him uphill on the way home so, I screwed up that plan and decided to stop at the playground to rest then went home. That was a long walk for us and good exercise for the day and the rest of the week i bit. Hope you had a nice day!

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Ron Centeno said...

Nice tiring day you had there shydub!

Insanely Chay is.... said...

good to know everything is ok.Do you need my big foot shoes? heheheh.

Momgen said...

Good to know also...Musta diha

Genefaith said...

...Glad to hear u and ur baby are fine..God bless..Got a sisterhood award for u..If u have time pls grab it at my site..God bless u

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