Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A House not a Home

When I was single I had no directions in life. I liked being anywhere but not in my apartment. Every vacations I stayed at my friends house or be in some place with a group of friends. Sounds like a homebody kind of person but not in my own home lol. When i got older(28yrs old) and most of my friends got married I decided to get a house in Deca Homes Minglanilla Cebu. It was a 2 story duplex house. I loaned it through pag-ibig for 15 years, it was a bad decissions according to my friends and family. I paid the whole equity, and that stop me from backing out and gave this thing up. I had all the appliances and furniture like a typical filipino house. Marriage didn't occur in mind at that time, in fact I was thinking of staying single for the rest of my life. So, getting a house would be good thing, and my family has a place to stay when they go to cebu. For the first few months I came home early from work, stayed home most of the time. My sisters lived with me and helped a little with the monthly mortgaged. But Like we all knew, "the only permanent in this world is change", to cut the story short I did change my mind, after a year of living there and almost 2 years of paying the monthly mortgage, I got tired of such responsiblity and obligations. I gave up my house, stop paying the monthly mortgage, sold all my stuff except the refridgerator and TV, and went back renting an apartment. With my impulssive attitude, I left the house in just a blink of an eye. They gave me noticed after 3 to 5 months of not paying the monthly before they will evict the house. If your single it's a bad idea to get a house especially if you can't keep up with the responsiblity and obligations. Afterall that house wasn't the home I wanted to have, things changed I felt alone living there, and I am just human I was wrong I need someone to share life with. I had great memory with that house, i missed it. My friends who are still living in that neighborhood told me that those fruit trees that I planted in front were start bearing fruits. And they missed me in there. After a year, I met my hubby, came here, quit my job, got married, got prego, and got a family. It was a fast forward changes in my life. Now we are renting an apartment, no house yet I felt like maybe this is a karma for me waaaboo!. Well, atleast now I have a home and a family of my own. I wish we will get a house soon.

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Ron Centeno said...

It may be because it's not the right time yet Shydub.

I'm sure in time you will land in the house that will be your home, in no time.

Unknown said...

yeah you are right ron,we can't force things I guess, Thanks for the comment.

Cecile said...

don't blame yourself for not having a house yet, dear! for everything there is a season, the time to buy a house will come in time, just be patient dear :-), take care!

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