Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was looking back my old pics, I remember the fun memories I had. Gone are the days when I can't just go anywhere, enjoy the summer with friends, be in different places and had a great job. I missed teaching, my friends, family, 50 kids in the classroom and job. The last photo i had in our wednesday uniform.
The last vacation I had before I met my hubby. How can I forget we got stranded at the island because of the typhoon. We spent the night at the waiting shed, no food all store were closed and it was cold. Good thing the mayor in that place gave us burgers and of course we were the first in line, we were like a street children. Ohh Boracay! what a beautiful place.

Every sinulog festival, we offered a dance during the teacher's night at fuente in honor of the senior sto nino. I'm a frustrated dancer yo! hehehe

Still another photo of sinulog celebration in cebu city. We presented a latin dance on this one. I forgot to geta copy of the whole group.

One of my escapade abroad, I got the chance to take a 10 days vacay in japan.

My sisters who lived with me in my old house. We fight, laugh and did a lot of silly things.

My castle in boracay lol, we had to pay 5 pesos just to take a picture in that castle. What a ripped off!

Chocolate Hills In Bohol.

My grade 5 pupils at the mountain school, before they transferred me to the city.

It's not obvious that we were drunk in this one, still young and feeling Beverly Hills cast hehehe(wink)


Momgen said...

Wow it is nice to look back the past and I miss it too. If only hehehhe that's our hope to go back and did something but we are in our present day and we should embrace it hohohoho....Anyway I have an award Shy hope you get it. TC ha hehehe

IT is here

Genefaith said...

i enjoy looking at your pictures..have a nice day!

Cecile said...

nice looking pictures you have here; good thing you saved them; thanks for sharing them with us, Shy :-)

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