Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is the Food Ready Babger!

Weekend always our family day and today my babger is feeling so nice. I love it when he is like that coz I get the time to do my blogging. It looks like a miracle to me since he doesn't cook that much. He is been very helpful especially today, he fixed most of jake's food and handed it to me, clean the stove and washed the dishes. And the best part is he prepared our dinner...yeah, what you see right now is my dinner while my babger has two pieces of that. It taste good if you are not the one fixing it, taste like free hehehe. I'm tired eating of my own cook food, same old stuff. Hubby also tired eating rice, he complains a lot but what can I do I'm a proud pinay every meals has to have rice. So, today he made this yummo burger. We bought the beef patty for a cheap price and it taste good. We tried to be frugal lately coz we have to save money for the moving. I don't usually post any food picture here because I am not proud of my home cooking. But this time is an exception, it's my loving hot hubby who did it and I am so proud of it and it taste really good. Have a nice dinner guys!(wink)

Thank You Rose

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Nisha said...

Hi Shydub.. thanks for being so nice to me.. i was completing the previous awards/tags and happened to come upon the newest tag which has my name included :-).. i was a lil late on doing it coz of some urgent work at home.. dont mind please.. but thanks a lot sis,.. and yeah, i guess by now you've relished and digested the scrumptious meal hubby prepared.. hehe.. it does look yummmmmy :-)

Dhemz said...

wow great job sa hubby mo Tsang...never had this before...hehhee..ana sad buhat ni banana nako during weekend..pero this weekend..duty nya sa Air ako buhat sa cleaning and dishes....hehhee! amo tuod lunch ni Akesha was noodles with bochoy...hehhe!

dinner namo..since I dont cook during weekends....we had Long John's Silver meal...hehhehe

woi mao ba? ako d man ko ga cook ug rice everyday karon kay on diet na si lola mo...hehhehe...pero before everyday me kaon ug rice...wa man sad nuon complain si banana...hehhehe! thanks for sharing Tsang...mwah!

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