Monday, April 6, 2009

Jake's New Look

Jake born with a lot of hair, so from birth until his 1st birthday his hair were getting longer. A week after his birthday I cut his hair and hide them. Not a perfect haircut but looks good to me atleast now no more long bangs that poke his eyes and i don't have to experience unpleasant or embarrassing situation if we went to the barber shop. Maybe when his old enough we can take him to the barber shop and have a real haircut.

Old Look

New Looks

Thank You Rose

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LODS said...

guapo gyud nimu jake uy..kins nag putol sa imu bang dong kay ato patyon?heheheheh joke joke

Lisa said...

Hi Shy, cutie kaayo imo son uy. maayo ta ug duol ta balay para makadula atong anak,hehehe..

Anyway naa diay ko tag nimo..f u have time i check lang sa blog nako

Babette said...

So cute! Ako lang ang gumugupit ng hair ng mga anak ko when they were little. My son had his first professional hair cut when he was 4. I saved money by doing that. :o)

Dhemz said...

hahhaa..namuot ko sa comment ni Mommy Lods..patyon man jud ang nag gupit sa buhok ni Jake...hehehe..ako ipadakop...hehehe!

liwat jud si Jake sa imo Tsang....hehehe!

woi tsang nalingaw ko sa atong chismis...hehehe..thanks sa comments ha....:)

na intawon si banana nako sa pa mi nga wa intawon na sya kahatag bisan isa ka bulak...hehehe..namawe lang na sya ron nga na minyo me....mayo nalang ma surprise ko nya every month ug flowers...hehehe...:)

woi maayo imo bana kay balo mo luto...hehhee...ako tawon bisan ako na sya ipagluto sa rice..mahilaw or mapagong ang resulta...minus kaayo...hehhehe!

nakakuot man siguro ang term...hahhaa...kalay ay!

woi intawon wapa diay ka nakauli sa pinas? pauli na woi...hehehe...ay after nalang d ay pag 1 na imong baby...unsa baby girl imong expecting?

salamat tuod sa advance greetings..arag duol rata para koyug ta ug egg hunting sad...hehehe!

EJ said...

He looks good, you did a good job! You should have brought him in a barber shop, usually first hair cut is free in the States hehehe..

Nisha said...

Your son is really an adorable darling.. suchaa cutie.. give him a kissi from me, shydub :-)

I like his hair style too!! whats his secret? hehe..

We usually shave our kids at birth and then later on take them to the barber shop as they grow for cuts.. but for the first hair cut, we call the barber to the house, like we have a ceremony n all for it :-)

Maus said...

cute baby!

Tina said...

bless he looks like a lovely little boy and a little character at that :)

Jac said...

Jake is so cute and ganda ng eyes nya...

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

I like it! You did a good job and my goodness he is the cutest thing ever!!!!

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