Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lazy Preggy

I already accepted the fact that I'm lazy and its something I am not proud of.."sigh". I get lazier everyday now that I'm pregorooni, oppps Im not making my pregnancy as an excuse of my lazy act its true hehehe. My back and legs get sore and cramps a lot. We had our doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor said I have to drink plenty of water it would help. I guess I have to practice myself drinking water a lot, its a must. Good thing yesterday was not hubby's long day at work. He did all the cooking and help me out with the chores even if he wasn't feeling well. He said I have to change this attitude and minimize my blogging addiction waaaa its not healthy anymore. I didn't post in my blog yesterday but I spent most of my time bloghopping and dropping. I will post later some of the awards and tags that my blogger friendz handed to me the other day. I am going to rehabilitate myself guys hehehe. Hi I'm shydub and I am a bloggoholic whoahahahaha.....


Unknown said...

I often have leg cramps too (4 or 5 times a week)...YES! Drink LOTS of really does help. Also ask your doctor if you can take Vitamin B 12...Since you're pregnant, PLEASE clear it with your doctor first. I drink more water than I think I can hold...but it does help. Of course, being pregnant, you "go" more than usual and water isn't going to help that so don't get too far away from a bathroom...LOL

Rosilie said...

My pregnancy before was quite terrible. I had been having that appetite loss until my last quarter. Hahhahaha! I only stayed on my bed and in the bath tub since the weather in the PHilippines was extremely hot.

Just take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy. It is always a blessing to be having a baby. I have linked this site shy under my Friend's sidebar. Take care. mwa!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

shy,preggy ka pala ..sorry huli na ako sa balita hehehe.. pahinga ka minsan..

waaaah! natawa naman ako sa last statement mo.bloggaholic ka na nga..hehe

ingatz palagi ang God bless

Genefaith said... better take a rest..yeah drinking lots of water help...

Unknown said...

I just started drinking water today and really does help a little. Thanks for the advice and suggestion, im gonna try ask my doctor, I do take the calcium but sometimes I got sick coz its too big and had a little taste on it.
Mine also was terrible and mesirable. I think if Im in the PI I would forget all this symtoms coz we have a lot of friends and things to do there. I will add your link soon rosilie.
Yeah meryl I am a bloggoholic hehehe
Thanks genejosh, it really does help i just found that out after the appointment, I mean the doctor always telling us to drink water but sometimes i am stubborn and forgot to follow it.
Thanks for the comments ladies....

Chubskulit Rose said...

Congrats, didn't know that your juntis hehehe.. How many moonths na ba?

By the way, I came by to tell you I have awards for you here. Please grab it when you have time, see you!

Dhemz said...

hahhahaha....kakkaloka naman tong preggo na to!

namuot ko ani nga post nimo in ako sad...nitambok ko tungod sa blogging kay sige lang ko lingkod kaon...hahaha!

sos tawon lisod imo kabutang woi kay buntis pa jud ka...lakaw lakaw sad gamay para nay exercise...beri2x unya ka...:)

Salamat tuod sa mga commentos Tsang ha..nalingaw ko ug basa...hahaha!

Na woi d man tawon bongga among easter...more on Akesha's joy pag easter...kay candies man dayon...pero na ang candies wa man tawon an tandog...d man sad mi mahilig ug kaon aning candies dire...hehehhe!

ubay ubay sad iya mga itlog tsang....unya naka 5 easter baskets sya this year.

Last sunday nag adto mi sa bay area...close to San Francisco..didto among part 2 na easter egg hunting...didto man nagpuyo akong BIL..sos kalayo woi..sakit kao lubot lingkod permi...hehehe!

hahhaha...sure imo na iya dress pag baby girl imo baby...hehehhe! serious!

Lagi woi maniniyot ang inahan permi tapos stage father iya papa permi pod dayon....hahaha!

Namuot ko sa imong KKK...hahahah..ahak! dba naman na easter egg hunting sa park..wala diay mo nag adto? ai gamay pa man sad si Jekoy woi...isa ka egg ana malingaw na na sya....hehehe! it's more fun for the big kids....dont worry next year am sure he will enjoy it!

I miss to chicka with Tsang diha buntis...pag excercise sad dha ha...lakaw lakaw ba...d nang push up...hehhehe...joke...:)

Momgen said...

Ingon ana gyd na basta buros tapos ikaw kay hapit na manganak na hala exercise lakaw lakaw panagsa para dali ra manganak ako ana sauna dali ra anak oy. hala ingat diha.

Unknown said...

@rose, thank friendship, 5 months i'll check the award later.

@dhemz... haaaay exercise mulang gwafs paerting daghana sama sa linkog,higda,blogging ug uban pang ginamos heheheh. Mao bitaw makig panglakaw ko sa akong boy aronma exercise ni akomga kabukogan dria.

@momgen... dali ra man sd pag panganak nku jake momgen, 6 hrs ra gud ako labor, karon na feel lng jud nku cramps ky dili kayo kohinginum tubig oi. Thanks sa comments you take care gals.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

ha ha ha,the lazy bug bit you too!! when you are not lazy anymore,you can start doing this bec I have a Bag Tag For You

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