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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy Moments - Sentimental Moments

mommy moments

Mommy Moments time again, of course this friday meme is hosted by Chris of Mommy Journey. Check out her site and join in. Mommies like me it's our joy and pleasure to share every single moment we have with our babies/kids. Today's mommy moments theme is "Sentimental Moments"
Everyday is a precious moments for me watching my baby Jake grow, make it sure that he is happy and healthy are sentimental. But one very sentimental moment I had was the day he was born. Who would have thought I could get pregnant and brought and beautiful healthy baby into this world. He gave me the reason of my existence here in this world and made me realize that life is indeed beautiful. The first time I saw him and heard his voice all my pains, problems, selfishness, regrets, frustrations and disappointments in life had vanished. He is my life.

Another sentimental moment was during the 75th birthday of my MIL. As a mother I was so proud watching Jake in my MIL's hand and looked her in the eyes like as if they are having a conversation. Even though sometimes I felt like outsiders because I'm the only Filipino in the group, with Jake around he made me feel so special, that everything is fine. I feel like crying coz I missed my family back home and how they wished to cuddle and hug Jake.

The rest of these pictures are some of the many moments Jake and I had. When we wake up every morning and he was there smiling at me it really made my day.

This is my baby Jake, my bundle of joy!:-)

Thank You Rose


Chris said...

these are beautiful moments mommy... thanks for sharing them with us. You have been very blessed to have your baby Jake! :D

Jes said...

hi thnks for the visit...you have a cute kid =)


I love the one of you and him nga nag tanaw nimu shy. You can really see the adoration in his eyes that he loves you unconditionally...

Genejosh said...

me too, I love waking up each day with the baby smiling on me. It surely made my day!

Miss T said...

Hello Shy! Great pics,your baby is sooo cute!

ApRiL said...

sooo touching.. that is a mommy moment....

Joy0z said...

Moments like this doesn't make me senti infact I'm very happy for the gift of life. But still I can relate the feeling of a new mother. Thanks for dropping by.

Anzu's Mum said...

YOur baby is indeed cutie.. iba talaga mga combi ng pinay and foreigner no. Me too, sometimes i wanted to go home in PI syempre homeland natin yun kaya nakaka-homesick. Hopefully, now you have Jake, ma-lessen na pagka-homesick mo =) Nwei ingat and enjoy.
Lovely Pics

jeng said...

What a sentimental mommy moment. Our children are really the source of our inspiration and joys in life. ; )

Hazel said...

That's a wonderful mom and baby eye contact!

Toni Nakama said...

I love reading your post...The part where you said you missed your family back home really touched my heart. You are making me feel sentimental too, lol! Have anice day ahead.

☆Willa☆ said...

I totally can relate with your feelings of being the "outsiders" but when my boys came, parang in an instant,I became a part of their family officially!
what a sweet moments with your li'l angel!

RoNa said...

nice pics with your son :) and he's a cutie :)

Samantha Ysabelle said...

i just love the photo of jake looking up and smiling at you. very heartwarming... the moment was really captured.

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