Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WW #6 - Dandelion

He love picking up Dandelion.

Thank You Rose


Bob Ewing said...

great shot.

Grampy said...

He is just like my grand daughter. Everytime we leave the house she has to bring back some flowers.(dandelions)

Michelle said...

Beautiful picture. What a cutie! My little one picked an entire bucket of Dandelions for me this past weekend. She loves them.

Dhemz said...

woi dandelion diay tawag ana nga flowers tsang gwafs? heehhe..daghan kaayo na sa among bakuran...Akesha love picking them too!

Musta naman ang buntit? sakit japon lubot? hehehhe...joke!

Unsa inyo paniodto diha tsang gwafs? amo kay left over kagabie nga giniling..tapos bahaw dayon....hehehehhe!

Salamat sa imong comments tsang ha..nalingaw ko ug pa legs ka jan....libo libong kagid woi...hehhehe!

lagi dire bitaw kay grabi na kainit bisan aircon d madala...maong 3 na ka electric fan amo gamit...maka paso ang init dire...bisan puypoy d mada...ehehe...musta weather diha tsang gwafs?

Maayo paka kay naka time mada nimo si jekoy sa playground...ako hanggang lingkod ra tawon ko..maong dako na akong bilbil...ehhehehe!

daghan diay hills diha sa inyo? amo patag man tanan...maayo na kay nice e exercise dayon....:)

unsay lingaw nato diha tsang? woi naa ba pilipino store diha sa inyong dapit?

sige laag sako sa uban nato nga tribo...hehehhe!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang gwapong bata! ^_^ cute cute...^_^

Cecile said...

he is so cute, Shy; great picture, too!

Ron Centeno said...

He's more cute than the dandelion!

Cacai M. said...

And ohh so this is dandelion! I call this a duhito Te Shy heheh.. but it's very nice to see and of course because your handsome and cute son is there! great!

Before I forget Te Shy, I have an award for you, it's here:


Lollii-Pii said...

That flower reminds me of the name of my cute stepsister..Haven't seen her for btw, I like the

Spices of Life said...

oh my, his adorable....


Madz said...

wow cutie man ni imo son sis.... so you are preggy too? have read from dangz Dhemz, uy congrats dha sab....:)

Silk Flowers said...

Looks awesome!

*My Bundles of Joy*

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