Thursday, May 28, 2009

Affordable Ham

Is anyone out there into ham? I like ham eversince I was a kid, but Babger when he was a kid, he really didn’t like it, but as an adult, he have developed a genuine appreciation for it. I have different way of cooking the ham, I don't baked them like what they used to do here, instead I fry them and babger like it that way. With our family budget being a little smaller these days, we have been looking for ways to cut down on our grocery bill. Well, there is my new found appreciation for ham. You can go to your local grocery store and get a big ham for fewer than thirteen dollars. We bring it home and cut it in half, put half in the freezer, and then the half we keep in the refrigerator lasts us for about 2 weeks! Then we’ll change it up for a few days, and then we defrost the other half. All together, we eat for almost a month on that ham. Sure, sometimes we are kind of sick of it, but with the money we save, we can afford to eat at Wendy’s once or twice in between the ham fests. I’m not suggesting that you change your diet to one that only includes ham, but I am suggesting that it is a cheap way to get your family fed. Happy shopping!


momgen said...

ah grabe na to daghan gyd post oy...

Dhemz said...

very well said tsang...correct jud is hard to live these days...samot na nga crisis....I like ham too ever since...ako I like it bake...just leave it in the oven and add pineapples....and that is it...I am free to blog...hehehhe....joke!

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