Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fake Napper

This little piggy went to the market....and this little piggy fake his nap. The other day our little monster didn't take his nap coz he fakes it all along. We put him in his crib for an afternoon nap, gave him his bingky, grab his blanky and we thought he went to nap right away coz we didn't hear any sounds at all. Few minutes later we heard him making some noise like he just woke up from his nap, we ignored him because we want him to go back to nap and make it a long one. Until all of a sudden he started yelling at his stuff animals, we took a peek and there he was our little monster jumping in his crib wanted to be out from his cage. The master fake napper sometimes wins his fight.


Mrs4444 said...

I remember those days...too cute! :)


katawa ko sa nawong sa imu bugoy shy kay frustrated kaayo siya.. you can really tell he wants to say something to you..

"pastilan kang inahan ka uy,ibutang na ang camera unya alsaha ko diri"

Cascia said...

That is funny. Sometimes kids can be so stubborn.

jijie said...

Sus pastilan, Mura naman na si jake of si Jacky Chan oi. Bugulbulan mura poldo. Hiwi hiwi gud iya nawong.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....this is entertaining...hehhehe....kani jud imong inahan jake lami kaayo bunulan ug silhig...hehehhehe!

sos pastilan, si Akesha sad woi as in..mastermind sad ni sya aning fake napper...hehhehe...:) next time gwafs duha na puhon imong masapon...hehhehe!

sige nako makita dire si jake nga sige man hilak...hehehe..sige patyabaw sa iya inahan...hahhaha! mabto-an rani puhon pag mag abot ang manghod ani tsang...heheh!

woi, hilomja..talagsa ra tawon ko mka shopping woi...sa barat ra man tawon ko mag adto...hehehe...basin naay sale ba....saons man sad ka...hehehhe!

agi lang ko dire kadali tsang ha kay wapa tawon ko ka bisita sa tribo nato...hehehe!

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