Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Five - Day Weekend

Here are more pictures of our five - day weekend. My sister got here Thursday and Jake was so comfortable with her. Actually when my sister was here I felt like I had a long days off from Jake because he always hanging out with her. We also had a lot of time outside, went to the library, to the store, drive around, walk to the playground and picnic at the park. Jake was so lonely when my sister left. We took her to the airport on Sunday and when we got home Jake was so quiet, and he was just sitting in the corner listening some music. Poor lil' monster he missed his playmate. She will be back this August when its time for my delivery. Yesterday, I spent whole day cleaning and vacuuming the carpet it was so filthy. And our laundries were humongous, waving at us looking for attention waaaaa. That was a long weekend but neither of us touched those laundry baskets. Hubby will take care of it next week since our laundry machine in this apartment still broken as usual. I do the ironing and folding. Hope you guys had a great weekend and fun Memorial Day.
Hi! I'm Jake wanna take a walk with me ladies...

Say cheese!.... oppps what a silly goofy face toink!.lol

He poked her eye because she didn't share ice cream with him.

Jake with my sister, He loves hanging out with his aunt.
The Family - having great time at the park

Jake with his pooh dancing............. Mr. pogi! Hi girls do I look gorgeous
Me, Jake and my sister


Quadmama said...

It looks like you had a great weekend. My Hubby had a four day weekend, which was a nice treat. But I have to say... WHAT?? Your hubby does the laundry and you only have to fold and iron? I have to get in on that arrangement LOL!

Cecile said...

Shy, kalami naman tan awon kaning pictures dire, labi na kamong pamilya...ka cute lagi ni Jake nimo uy, liwat man sa magulang niya...dili man diay ka dako magburus noh? gamay ma tong tiyan nimo.

i had fun looking at all the pictures, you guys looked like have had so much fun!

Dhemz said...

woi Tsang, nice tong inyong family pic...hehehe....:)

hahhaa...kuyaw ning inahana kay ipang chicks naman iyang ulitawo...hahahha....joke!

woi ka sweet sa imong sister tsang...close kaayo sila ni Jake...wapa ba sya plan mag produce? hehehhe....:)

lami ba kaayo pahilakon ning imong ulitawo woi....dako na sya tan-awon...:)

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