Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Dancing!

When we got home from our visit to slippery rock last saturday, I played the CD which my SIL gave to jake. From the beginning of the music till the end Jake has the same dance move, the side to side waaaaaa. Does your baby dance this way too? hehehe. Different with baby Dallas below dance like a pro lol.

This is Baby Dallas my sister's step grandson. He was like 21 months when they took this video of him dancing to the max. I wonder if Jake dance moves would change to something like this next year. Hope you enjoy watching this two little rugrats dancing.



Unknown said...

LOL! at least he can dance. Everytime Gabz dance eh natatawa nalang ako, ang tigas ng katawan..mana kaya sa Daddy ! buong katawan nagalaw LOL !

AdinB said...

hahaha nalingaw man ko sa imoha gamayng ulitawo oi.. hehehe naniguro bya tawn sya ug sayaw sa kang lady gaga na song.. hehehe

Dhemz said...

hhahaha....makalingaw naman tawon ning imong ulitawo tsang...morampa jud diay ni sa dance floor puhon...hehehhe!

kumusta naman ang kabukiran ta diha tsang? hehhee....joke!

miss to hear from you...karon ra sad ko naka time ug blog hop woi...hay buhay...tapulan ko usahay....ehhehe!

Ceres said...

Wow... How cute! ^_^

Tetcha said...

My son has a different dance move when he started learning to dance; instead of left and right like Jake's, Justin would go up and down, switching from standing to sitting position as the music plays. He loves dancing, and he imitates what he sees on TV. That's a wonderful start for Jake.

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