Monday, May 4, 2009

Online Therapy

One of the reason why I tried this online blogging is to express whats on my mind at the same time share it to other people my fun and sad experiences in life. I also want to learn more about a lot of things like motherhood and parenting. I didn't know that I would meet tons of friends in blogging which is good for me since I am new in this place and I don't have friends around. With this online diary or journal I can express all my thoughts, ramblings, happiness and exchange ideas to my friends I found on the web. Sometimes, we find it hard to deal with the stress and pressure with our everyday life. Others they go to some therapy just to have someone to talk to and speak out everything they have in their mind. Try this new online journal that allows you to express yourself in a completely safe, private, and secure environment. Therapy is the #1 Source for Online Journaling and the first journaling tool dedicated to therapy and well-being. They have invested years of research to create the first-ever online journaling tool based on cognitive behavior therapy which works for individuals who love journaling but also for people diagnosed with a mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, substance-abuse, and other conditions. Numbers of people have already using this Therapy Therapy Journal is for individuals who simply love journaling and having their journals communicate with them like these group of people; adolescents, college students, stay-home parents, young professionals, insightful adults, and techno-savvy grandparents. It is for anyone who is self-curious, who feels relief in expressing themselves through writing, and/or who enjoys seeing concrete evidence of their progress. Another group of people are those undergoing painful, confusing, difficult, and/or daunting times in their lives. It is also for people living with the reality of having emotional, physical, mental, and/or cognitive difficulties.

The benefits of journaling have been scientifically proven to:

• Improve physical health and mental well-being
• Diminish symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, PTSD, asthma, arthritis, and many other health conditions and disorders
• Improve cognitive functioning
• Make therapy more effective
• Strengthen the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses
• Counteract many of the negative effects of stress
• Finally, journaling is for everyone. It just “feels good” to write.
Enjoy the health benefits of journaling your daily feelings, thoughts, dreams and hopes. Plus, experience a unique feature: Your own Progress Graph.

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