Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We need a Washer and Dryer

Time really flies so fast, it seems like only yesterday we just move in to this crappy apartment. Now by the end of this month we are gonna move out from here. We already started packing some of our stuff. The place that we are going to move in soon is not just an apartment, it's a house and first thing we really need is a washer and dryer. We don't have one here, we do our laundry in other place. So, its really a must for us to have our own washer and dryer especially that our family are getting bigger now.
Most households here in the US albeit has its own washing machine. I grew up having one but only a washer no drier since we had and open back yard where we can hang our clothes. I can see how important a washing machine in this place, maybe others they hang their clothes outside but for sure not all of the people doing it especially who have a huge family and big loads of laundry everyday.
With our situations, we are just renting an apartment, so no place to hang the clothes and of course we are not going to do that around here. The problem with the place we rented is, since the very day we moved in here, their washer gets broken a lot. And sometimes the drainage gets clogged up that made your clothes filthy. My hubby has been doing our laundry in other place. It is a hassles and tiring job for him to carry this huge bag of dirty clothes and bring them to the laundry machine place, and a waste of electricity ironing the clothes because it gets wrinkled inside the bag. I pitied hubby for doing jobs on the weekend, it supposed to be his day off from work. I can’t do the laundry in other place because I don’t know how to drive yet and I have Jake to take care of. We can’t buy a laundry machine while we are still living in this apartment for a lot of reason; one is no more space for that. We just have to have more patience doing shitty work every week in other place, until we move out from this apartment. We are already looking for a good washer and drier to buy by the time we move to our new place this July. We are sick and tired with all the craps in this apartment. We are not looking for an expenssive washing machine, just something durable and affordable with good quality.

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