Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asthma Busy Day

Our day was pretty busy, appointments, groceries and stuff plus a handful of buckaroo. Haaay Kids, they always find new things to do. Last night we were watching TV, while Jake busy with whatever stuff he could get. We played his music, so he would dance inside the room instead of missing up with the TV, remote, computer, cellphones and his fathers stuff at the table. So, we thought he was inside the room, when all of a sudden we heard something clattering at the kitchen, and there he was standing on top of the chair holding his father's cellphone and a pack of cigarettes and playing with the pens and stuff. And this morning I took a quick shower getting ready for our appointment and hubby still at work, I blocked the kitchen with heavy box so that Jake couldn't get there. When I got out from the bathroom, my lil buckaroo was standing on the kitchen chair holding 1 pen and a screw diver in his other hand flashing his mischievous smile at me. ohhh yeah! sigh...He can climb now onto the chair. Running after him made my cough worse, asthma is what I feel I am having right now. Good thing I have this aerosol inhaler that my physician prescribed. I really needed this to calm my cough coz its getting harder and the wheezing bothers me a lot. Anyhow, we also had our pre-natal appointment and everything is fine. The inhaler that I used for the cough won't harm my baby. After the appointment hubby did the groceries in the afternoon while I took Jake outside to tire him up so he would go nap right away. Tomorrow is Jake's appointment to his Pedia and on Sunday another appointment for Hubby's Chiropractor. What a busy buzzy week and day for us. How about you guys, how's your day?



Jacris said...

You are busy na sis dami nyong appointment but anyways take care and please do get well soon hirap pag my asthma all the wheezing and coughing nakaka stress sa baby and to you also.About kay baby Jake he is adorable and intelligent kid grabe dami nyang alam experiment ata.Take care sis =)

Cecile said...

you are such a busy mom, shy! i wonder how do these stuffs. jake is really an active little guy huh...i can imagin him in the kitchen standing on the chair with those stuffs is making me nervous...
anyway...hope your astma is better now. ingat and relax dear!

Dana Telco said...

Yah, you look very busy. :)

Dhemz said...

holy cranberry sauce...hahaha...very handful kaau si jake tsang no? my goodness! I can't imagine when Akesha is doing that...sige siguro nako ka kusian ang kilid...hahaha...bugoy jud ni si jekoy..sige lang tsang mabutona rana inig abot ni baby girl puhon...:)

maayo naman diay na motongtong time tsang nana na sya sa ibabaw sa ref...oh my....hehehe...:) ma leash man kaha nimo ni puhon...joke...ana man daw nang mga laki tsang...super active kaayo...:) which is good kay sa luya diba?

kumusta naman imong ubo diha? arag silingan ta kay pangguno taka sa lemon dire sa among likod...hehehe..tambal sa ubo...dman ting ubo ron come may ubo ka? hope all is well..take some citrus liquid...:)

Imelda said...

i hope ul be ok soon dear. i am glad graduate na ko anang mga gukod gokod sa baby hahaha. ang mga boys kay hyper active jud sis. i know it kay 2 ang akoa unya parehas halos ang ilang age. hasta ang lola mag gukod sa daan, haay. cge lang inig dako ana ma miss nimo ilang ka kiat.

Rose said...

what a busy schedule sis. grabe ang dami mong ginagawa sa araw araw ah. kaya ka siguro sinumpong ng hika eh dapat sayo nagpapahinga at di nagpapagod. Wag mo masyadong pwersahin at wag masyadong busy sis. ingatan mo ang sarili mo sis. sana maging ok ka na get well soon sis...

momgen said...

Sorry to hear all of that...Kami ang akong Cris kapabadlong didto sa farm busy life nako sugod Wed til yesterday kakapoy naa pay anak nga badlongon maayo gani kay talaw siya if daddy na ang talk bunal man if di sugot. Hay mocalma ra na si jake shy if naa na baby. Take care lagi salamat diay sa card nice kaayo adto unya sa akoa blog I will about it.

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