Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Formula Contest

If you are a parent like we are, then you know how important it is to have good formula for your baby. In general, formula is expensive. What is helpful is if you know of a quality store brand formula that has all of the proper nutrients and is less expensive than the name brands. Comforts Baby Formula is what you are looking for. Right now, if you go to Comforts for Baby, you can enter a contest with a grand prize of a $10,000 college scholarship for you baby. Simply come up with a name for the Comforts Baby Formula Firefly mascot, and enter at their website. I think that Fredo the Firefly is a good name. Anyway, if you go to any Kroger-owned food stores, you can get all of the Comforts Baby Formula that you need. When you feed your baby with Comforts, you are giving your baby all of the iron, minerals, and vitamins that your baby needs in their first year. It also has DHA and ARA which are lipids vital your baby's visual and mental development. Comforts Baby Formula is also fortified with choline, which is a nutrient found in the mother's breast milk. It also has lactose and nutrients found in breast mile that build the baby's immune system. By giving this brand to your baby, you are giving them the very best that there is. So, go to their website, and enter the contest. You must fill out all of the contest form questions and come up with a name for their firefly mascot. Good luck.

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