Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Disciplining your little one

I taught grade school kids for 7 years and experienced handling from 6th grades down to 1st grades. The last group of kids I handled before I resigned was first grader ages 5 to 8 years old. I could say it was easy for me to discipline those kids than disciplining my own Jake right now. I do not know if I can discipline Jake when he gets older and afraid of being a meanie mommy. My little guy is still 14 months old now and I am thinking isn't he too young to be discipline? Would he understand the word time out if we apply that now? Well, Jake already showing some bad attitude and misbehave sometimes. He throws a fit, shows some tantrums, bang his head on the wall or floor if he did not get what he wants and doesn't listen to us when we say no or don't. So I guess hubby and I had to start disciplining our little guy in order to learn. I read some insightful information in Baby Talk magazine about keep-calm discipline to your 9 to 12 months old baby. It says, "Discipline' means to 'teach,' so think of it in terms of teaching your child right from wrong," says Ari Brown, M.D., author of Baby 411. Once your baby understands what you say, which happens at about this age, she's/he's ready for basic discipline. Three situations solved:
Your 1-year-old bites you-on purpose.
What to do: Put her down in a safe place and calmly say, "No biting, time-out." Wait one minute, then scoop her up, tell her you love her, and move on.
What she learns: I bite, I lose attention.

Your 10-month-old loves to fling food onto the floor during meals.
What to do: Patiently say mealtime is over. (Don't worry about her starving. If she were hungry, she'd eat it instead of tossing it.)
What she learns: I throw my food, I lose it.

Your tot keeps grabbing ornaments.
What to do: For young kids, the temptation to touch may be too great. Put a safety gate around your tree or keep your baby out of the room it's in.
What she learns: I can't touch everything.

The Payoff; Kids thrive on knowing what to expect, so if you set up consistent discipline rules early on, your child will grow up understanding that she is responsible for her actions. A great quality to acquire!

[grain of truth At about age 6 months, your baby might get attached to a lovely- a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. It may improved his sleep and comforthim, so don't lose it]

My Jake has this fave stuff toys that he hugs everytime he nap and this blanket that he use to cover his face so that he can sleep. Right now he always dragging that blanket around and dance with his stuff animal. Or sometimes our baby uses their binky/pacifier for their comfort and help them fall asleep. So, new mommy like me, goodluck in disciplining your child, I know each one of you has your own technique on how to calm your little one.

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Dhemz said...

this is very interesting tsang...good info on parenting...we need this...hehehe!

woi, musta naman ka inahan? Sowe kaayo..every other day na intawon imong lola maka blog hop...kagahapon absent nasad ko....agoy g LBM si lola nimo...maayo gani kay nay pepto..arag nay bayabas dire..wala man...hahaha!

unsa man imo buhat diha? busy galing sa opps...hehehe!

woi tuod ako na gibalik akong from now on...suki nako nimo sa mga pindot...ehhehe! para sad naa tay lain raket ba....:)

miss you tsang..hope all is!

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