Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Medical Devices

Yesterday, I had an appointment to my general physician about my cough. I have been nurturing this cough since the first trimester of my pregnancy and as my stomach getting bigger my cough is getting worse too. I had to breath so deeply to catch some air, I look like I am having asthma, which I do not have thanks God. My cough occurred usually in the evening and early in the morning, it bothers me a lot coz everytime I cough, it pushes my stomach down and squirts urine a little. So, the doctor prescribed me with this inhaling thing needed for wheezing which I can used twice in the morning and evening and it will help me breath. He did not diagnosed any asthma, it just some wheezing sound when I breath. I hope I will know how to use this inhaler, never been sick before and never tried one of this either.Anyways, speaking of medical devices, if you are looking for a backboards or Scoop Stretcher www.dealmed.com is the place to shop online for medical supplies. According to Wikipedia, backboard, is a medical device used for the immobilization and transportation of patients with suspected spinal injuries. Backboard is used to prevent movement of the spine which may cause permanent injury. On the other hand, Scoop Stretcher is a device used specifically for casualty lifting. The Scoop Stretcher is designed to be gently maneuvered under the patient without rolling or lifting. An open center permits the patient to be X-rayed while remaining immobilized on the stretcher. Composed of lightweight aluminum with an adjustable length and 3 patient restraint straps. Right now they featured several medical supplies that you might need or interested to get for your personal use or your hospitals. Its free shipping on orders over $100, you can check out their Website for more details. These devices are very useful to transport patient, provided the patient is strapped so, it is safe and comfortable. Dealmed.com has also different supplies such as CPR supplies, medical instrument and many more. Basically, they have the everything you need for your hospitals, establishment and personal use.

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Seiko said...

It's really good to know na ok ka na & thanks God hindi rin asthma ang cause ng cough mo,mahirap ang may asthma Mommy Shy, I know how it feels because I am asthmatic.Please be very very carefull lalo na ngayon malaki na ang tyan mo,I guess medyo hirap ka ng magkikilos nyan.Kailan ba ang duedate Mommy?God Bless!Hugs!

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