Friday, June 26, 2009

Mommy Moments - School Days

mommy moments

TGIF! ohh yeah and its mommy moments time. My buckaroo still too young for school and we never send him to day care either. So, for this week mommy moments theme " School days" I would like to feature my old grade 5 pupils back at the mountain school when I was still teaching. Im guessing, they're probably in college right now. They were my last batch of kids at the mountain school before I got transferred to the city. I missed my job and be around with these 60 or 70 yamukmuk kids every year hehehehe. Good ol' days!
Imagine these kids would got up at 5:00 in the morning, do their chores and at 6:00 am get ready for school or should I say start walking going to school. We had our flag ceremony at 8:00 am but still some of them arrived late like 9;00 am. They live on the mountain and their only way of transportation is motorcycle (habal-habal). There were 11 teachers in this school, 9 of us were from the city. We stayed in school from Monday thru friday.

I just chatted at YM the other week with one of my 4th grade pupils in the city which is now in 2nd year in high school. Oh boy! Am I that old? grrrrr lol. Aggh! ouch! yikes I'm totally old, sluggish and tired now waaaaaa.
I wish and hope these kids will finish their education and be successful in the future.

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darly said...

Hi there,

I used to teach din, and like you i enjoy chatting with my former studs. The first batch of them are already adults and working na, so kahit papano i feel proud din.

God bless always!

Check out my MM entry:

Lulu said...

i don't have mm today! kasi andrea is too young pa... thanks for sharing...ugghhh! gurang na ta no???? heheh

Seiko said...

It feels so good to bring back those memories that's still vivid & reminiscing the past.Hugs!

Cecile said...

thanks for sharing your good old days, shy :-); i enjoyed reading it.

mine is up now at

Michelle said...

I love the picture. Sounds like you really enjoy being a teacher. Teachers make all the difference in our kids life's. Thanks for stopping by today.

Willa said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman na teacher ka pala,galing mo naman!

Willa said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman na teacher ka pala,galing mo naman!

Chris said...

thanks for sharing something about yourself today :)

Anonymous said...

ikaw ba yan?

Dhemz said...

oh my...60-70? that crowded? oh my dear....wala baka labdi ug ulo aning mga bata-a tsang? hehehe.....sos am sure na mingaw jud nimo ang imong career sa una no....:)

Makamuot man sad ta nimo woi...yamokmok man jud...hahaha....shuang....:) nothing change man sa imo aura look still the same....:)

Jacris said...

Hi mam!!!You are blessed sis,until now di ka parin nakakalimutan ng students mo btw I Imagine you kung pano magturo siguro terror ka joke ehehehe but I love this photo and well behave ang students mo.
Take care sis!!!

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