Monday, June 29, 2009

Things To Buy

In a couple of days we will be moving to a new place, and since we only have little space here in our tiny apartment, we do not have it here some of these important things that we will need in our new place. Like the lawn mower, we definitely need this in our backyard plus a grill for BBQ.

The house that we are going to move in soon has a bigger windows than here. We never used curtains here because the windows are just too small for it and we used blinds instead. So, curtains is number 1 in the long list besides the washer and dryer, fence for Jake and a lot more.

Babger already did some shopping yesterday, I stayed home because of my stupid cough. I pulled some muscles last saturday when I coughed too hard and threw out, now my back is so painful as in excruciating pain that cause more wheezing and intense cough. I felt so miserable and didn't get good sleep for couple of nights. However, we need to keep going for the moving and have to finish the packing. I still have the cough now, and my back still in pain. I apologize for not returning your drops this weekend, I'll just make it up when I get better. Thanks for the visit guys, hope you all had a great weekend.



Melanie said...

wow Shy, goodluck in moving to your new it a house ? naku you better shop curtains or blinds earlier dahil pag walang kasukat yong window still have to wait a week or two. You don't want to move in without those di ba ? masilipan ka ng kapit bahay ! LOL...And yes Lawn mower is one of those things that you need to buuy agad...but could wait till a week or two.....

Cecile said...

so shopping extravaganza pala kayo, shy :-); i love to sorry for your cough...i bet how miserable you must have been...are you feeling better now? get well soon and don't worry about not being able to visit nor drop ec...just take care and take it easy as well...good luck with the move!

Seiko said...

Good morning Mommy Shy!
Wow! Sooner or later you're moving,sana naman by that time wala na yang asthma mo,kawawa ka naman.Pareho pala tayong asthmatic & I know how you feel,kaya sa condtion mo ngayon mas mahirap & 'though you have difficulties in your breathing,you still keep on visiting & never fail to keep entwined.Thank you so much for the thoughts & for the smile you always bring into us,kahit na kahol ka ng kahol dyan.Grin!Just kidding.Get well soon!Hugs!

Tetcha said...

Moving to a new house entails a lot of work, so you better be healthy, Shy. You need all that energy for doing work, work, and more work. Good luck and get well soon!

Dhemz said...

oh my golly...sad to hear that you're still coughing tsang...sos arag nay pahid diha sa? louy sad nimo woi kay lisod bya mag ubo nya buntis pa jud....agoy...pahuway diha nyora.....bisan g atake sige man japon ug panginabuhi.....

salamat sa dlaw tsang ha....yahay nimo kay si babger man diay ang nag goryo nako since we got married wala na intawon ni kalaba.....:)

agoy hapit naman diay mo mag balhin galore diay mo ani...kami nga wala pasad mi kapalit ug new grill kay crisis pa....wala diay na wash and dryer diha tsang sa inyo balhinan? agoy kinahanglan man diay ug fence si jake....hehehehhe....jumping over the fence man kaha ni...joke.....:) kuyog ko b pag mag shopping ka...hehehe...:) pahinga sa diha tsang kay lisod ang magkasakit...nag sabaw unta ka para

Cacai M. said...

woizzt astmatic dha pod ka Maam Tsang.. ako pod pastilan always ko cough suppressant, zyrtec, everyday-- if dli na jud madala mag-inhaler na jud.. pastilan.. pero maau nlng ni akoa krn ky okz2x nah, haay buhay noh.. heheh.. get well soon Maam Tsang.. regards and kisses!

momgen said...

moubo ko kong masubrahan ug bugnaw saon nakabana man ta ug murag nipuyo sa North Pole hehhehe. take it easy diha ingat. Maayong pagbalhin pod...

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