Monday, July 13, 2009

First Words

Do you still remember your baby's first words? Jake's first word was DADA. He calls everybody dada even me. As he grows he learn few other words, he can say mama but we are not sure if he understand the words he was saying. He follows what he heard from us. Lately, he uttered and mumbled words such as
~ ohh dada,
~ hi
~ what!
~ kaka (clap clap),
~ quak (duckie)
~ watat!
~ okie or kie (cookie)
~ numnum (taste),
~ dibu,
~ no
~ Agi
and some other gibberish words that we can't figure out yet what are those all about. That's why we have to be carefully with everything we say, like swear words coz he might going to copy or imitate it. Baby ages 13 to 18 months they start saying their first words or say those words they heard all the time.

According to Babytalk, research shows that there are no right first words to learn, but babies tend to have similar starter vocabularies.
Cool speech facts:
"Mama" is easy to understand. Newborns had increased brain activity when they heard words with repeating syllables, according to a new study from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy. "We didn't see this increase in brain activity with words that didn't repeat," says study author Judit Gervain, Ph.D. Humans have likely had this ability throughout time, so as we evolved, we gave ourselves names our kiddos could say.

Frequency is less important. "If babies first spoke what they heard most, then they'd be saying 'the,' but they don't," says Twila Tardif, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Relevancy matters. "Bottle" makes the Top 10 list, probably because it's something babies and moms care about, says Tardif. And words like "hi" and "bye" do, too, because parents often speak them in a very animated way, which gets a baby's attention.

Top 10 First Words
According to the MacArthur Foundation,
American babies first say:
1. Dada
2. Mama
3. BaaBaa
4. Bye
5. Hi
6. UhOh
7. Grr
8. Bottle
9. YumYum
10. Dog

What are your baby's first words?


Seiko said...

It's so nice to remember the first word came out from our kids,ako naman I wrote down every first time that happened to my kids when they were that small & attached it on their albums so that I wont forget it & they can see it on their albums when they grow w/c is happening now.Thanks for sharing this Mommy Shy,it reminds me of so many memories of my kids when they were still a baby.:)Have a Blessed Tuesday!Hugs & take care!

Lulu said...

Andrea's most used words are...more, bye bye, hi, no, go, mama, mommy, daddy, auntie, ate, nana,dog, cat, ball...

I think her first words are.. byebye, and hi

sometimes she talks endlessly and i don't understand any of them....

Phoebe said...

Dada is also the first word that Baby Gaby learned how to say. Dunno why, in spite the fact that me and the nanny are the ones who are always around while her daddy is working abroad.

Up to now, she can't say Mommy yet. But she knows how to speak Ma-ma already, it's just that she's referring to the nanny than me :(

chubskulit said...

i think most of the babies' first word is dada, same way with my two burritos.

Si EJ tsang nung una ang tawag nya sa milk is guk now its unk hehehe.. Minsan nakakasabi na sya ng milk but most of the time nahihirapan sya..

john said...

Babies' first word makes father's proud hehehe..

kat said...

yeah..Dada din ang first word ng babies ko adtong gagmay pa..haha unsa man ng "watat" Tsang, ako sabot ana kay wala pera hahahaha..kay chubskulit, kakatuwa din ang milk and guk, and then nabago na, naging ulk, at least may "lk" sa huli hahaha

Dhemz said...

akesha's first word was hi..then mama, then dada...nyahahha...bilabi wala diay una ang mama...hehehe....joke!

woi ka kuyaw ug mag swear na atot na jud...hehehe...bawal ang swear word sa amo inyo mag swear ba mo? ka cute ni jake atong sige sya yawyaw..dada..dada...hhehhehe! am sure happy imong babger...ehhehe!

Cecile said...

Jake's first word was Dada rin :-)

Tetcha said...

Justin's first word is "Daddy," not "Mommy." Sigh! By the way, I posted the awards and tags you gave, separate posts for the tags and the awards. I already received the Spread the Love Award last week, but I included your name in my post for that award. Thanks much!

chiel said...

hi there, thank you for the comment in my new blog. I appreciate it. You have a nice profile. ANyway, can we exchange link po. I'm still confused on how to use the blog. thank u.

Modern Mom said...

Just earlier my kids were asking me about their first words and they were laughing about it.

chiel said...

Hi thank you for the quick reply and for the links too. Yes i am Rosa's sister. i like your topic about baby, somehow i can't wait to have a baby pero di pa pwede. I really like kids.. :)

Jacris said...

I remember Kei's first word was mum-mum when she asked for food and
Rio's first word naman was pam~pa I think papa naman ang meaning nun.I miss my kids nung toddler days nila.Now that their in school na nakaka lungkot wala na akong makulit na baby pareho na silang behave and na iilang na yung panganay ko pag nilalambing ko sa harap ng friends nya na shy na ang darling ko huhuhu!

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!natawa ako sa comment ni Mommy Jac--siguro paglaki ng mga dalaga ko dito,ganyan din sila lol!!Gusto ko na ngang magka-anak uli eh kaya lang nabaog na siguro ang lola mo(T_T)

btw,dada nga pala ang first word ni Wakaba!!^_^

DebbieDana said...

That's Daniel's first word too, "dada"...But now, he's already so talkative, he knows alot of words, he can say some of the ABC's and numbers already, some animals, and alot more..It's so cute listening to him...nakakataba ng puso!

Debbie :)

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