Thursday, August 6, 2009

Better Half

Thanks a bunch to Jacris of Mom's Special Diary and Cecile of Life is good and Beautiful for tagging me with this cool "Better half tag". Thanks for thinking me ladies, I really do appreciate it.

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
~ First 48

2. You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
~ Ranch Dressing

3. What's one food he doesn’t like?
~ Stinky Fish

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does he order?
~ Coke

5. What shirt size does he have?
~ XL

6. What shoe size does he have?
~ 11

7. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
~ Steak Hoagie

8. What would he eat everyday if he could?
~ Chicken

9. What is his favorite cereal?
~ Captain Crunch

10. What would he never wear?
~ short sleeves and tight fit shirt

11. What is his favorite sports team?
~ Lakers (basketball)

12. Who did he vote for?
~ he doesn't vote anymore.

13. Who is his best friend?
~ Me

14. What is something he does, but you wish he wouldn't do?
~ Swear when he gets upset and smoke

15. What is his heritage?
~ Caucasian

16. You bake him a cake, what kind of cake?
~ I wish I could! But we never had oven before and I'm still looking for recipe of his fave yellow cake.

17. Did he play sports in high school?
~ yes, football, baseball and track

18. What could he spend hours doing?
~ playing in the computer

19. What is the unique talent that he has?
~ There are three he can make duckie sound, he can fold his tongue like into a clover shape and also one that I can't mention on the blog and in public lol.

20. What's his type of coffee?
~ dark roast

Thats it, hope you will enjoy reading and knowing some facts about my better half.



Clarissa said...

heheheee!!send the #19 answer to my email if you don't want it to mention in public lol!!

hoisst!!Mommy Shy!!Katatapos mo pa lang manganak eh nasa harap ka na ng pc--pindutin ko lubot mo dyan eh lol!!\(^0^)/Pahinga ka ng maige dyan ha!!Give Justine and Jake a hug for me!!Congratulations again,Mommy Tsang!!^_^

Lulu said...

I am interested with the answer of Q #19... send it offline! lol

Dave also smoke but he has the Gastroenterologist's permission.. imagine ha you wouldn't believe when the doctor told me that... my gosh! but anyway, there is stop smoking pill that really works good ... if interested ka IM lang ko ha... dili ko ahente ani pero who knows makatabang... wahhaha

Cecile said...

ka busy naman mo uy, bago ka lang nanganak eh busy na sad sa blogs :-); hinay hinay dear kay sige mabinat ka.

pareho pala sila ng akong bana, dili ganahan mag wear uf sleeveless shirt' ops gi tag sad ta ka kining tag, shy!

chubskulit said...

Me too Lulu hahahaha.. parang alam ko yan tsang lol.. bakla ka talaga, ouisst bilib ako sayo badingsky.. kahit kapkapanganak mo pa lang, to the max na ang yung pagbablog ulit hehehe.. Hinay hinay lang diha bakala baka mabinat ka nyan..

Jacris said...

Cool pla ng hubby mo and unique ang talent that he can fold his tongue like into a clover shape.Btw sis thanks for dropping Take care and Congratulations again sa pretty daughter mo :)

Kat said...

Fun post! I did enjoy learning about your other half. I was thinking about what my husband's answers would be for each as I read.

dhemz said...

hahhaha...agree ko kay Mami Lu...send it to! I am interested to know too.....nyahahaahha! kuyawa sad ni imong banana tsang kay daghan man diay ug talent...hehehehe!

woi, ka dagko sa tiil...11 man jud ang size....nyahhaaha....giant diay ni imo babger....:)

sinati na jud ni nato atong mga kapikas....hahaha...sige lang tsang...makagbake ra ka lagi puhon...tabangan ka ni inday justine....:)

agi ko dire kadyot nyora kay balik sako ug nap..wala man opp tawon.....sige..tata....pindot ko dala utot...hehehhehe!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

thanks for sharing sis. very athletic din pala si mister un #19 nakakaintriga talaga.
congrats again sa iyong baby...

Seiko said...

Mommy,napaisip ko sa #19..hmmmm

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