Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging Tandem

I remember, it was last December of 2008 when I started blogging. Thanks to Melody of Life Marriage and Kids for convincing me and teaching me all the dos and don'ts and other stuff in blogging. She was my teacher in blogging. My husband at first was so skeptical about the idea that you earn something in blogging. However, on my part I was really convinced with what melody told me and I believed her. So, we opened a blog after we came up the title Simple Happy Life. Though, hubby didn't really believed that blogger earned from blogging, he still let me blog, in fact he even shared his thoughts in the first post of this blog. In one week of blogging and dropping entrecards, I met few friends and enjoyed reading other bloggers blog and learning a lot of things about their lives and experiences that inspired me to blog not just to earn $$$ but to meet friends and great people as well. Thanks to Carnation also who gave this blog its first award. Anyhow, I shared through this blog about our lives, family and all. And lately I got so busy taking care with my two lil bear, so I let hubby wrote some of the post especially in our Worth's Road blog. Now we are back to our blogging tandem which was originally our plan for this blog. When classes starts and hubby will be back to work, Im gonna be on my own again coz he will be super busy with his overload schedule, extra class and online class. I have been blogging for 8 months, found real friends and I'm loving it. Sorry to some of you guys if sometimes I didn't return your visit. I am just super dooper busy with my two baby pooper. Thanks for your visits, comments and following this blog. Enjoy blogging everyone!

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gengen said...

wow amazing no maayo gablog ka kay nameet pod ka heheh. Take care...

Ms. Journ said...

Tsang, goo dto hear the history of your blogging. Now kauban na jud nimo si banana, convinced na jud.

Continue the spirit tsang hehehe..

Chubskulit Rose said...

i cal this a "nostalgic trip to blogging" bakla hehehe.. we are the same, in fact hubby did not want me to blog kasi its privacy invasion daw.. But look at him now, he is lovin it oo, oh diba hahaha..

LODS said...

you featured me???? im flattered,lol but thats what freinds are for. we help each other any way we can and your way better at me on this blogging thing,lol.....

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

hello, nangangamusta lang ng bagong panganak, I hope you and your two angels,especially the new one, :) are doing great!

Laikka said...

heheh.. what a great news! My husband just keep on praising me or us bloggers how good we are on this things..he appreciates but i don't think he will into it.

He's on Ever Quest and WarCraft instead! hahaha!


Dhemz said...

likewise tsang....hubby was very skeptical I prove to him that he was!

lagi woi, very interesting kaau ang blogging....I have met a lot of friends...I call them special friends...and you are one of those tsang...I treasure the friendship in you...and I am lucky to be part of the blogging world....kudos tsang!

senti man ning imong post....hehehe...pakatawa talang ka woi...hehee...nag wara wara me duha Akesha sa store ganiha tsang...mingaw man jud ang blog land maong nag wara wara me...d bitaw nag buy me ug wedding present this coming saturday...kasal sa nephew ni Greg...:)

hapit nasad ang weekend tsang...asa naman pod mo ani mag wara-wara? ehhehehe...agi ko dire, nangumusta lang ko....ehhehhe!

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