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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mommy Moments - Hat Day

mommy moments

It's weekend once again and it's time for mommy moments hosted by Chris. For this week theme "Hat(s) Day" I only have few pictures of Jake wearing his hats when he was little but now that my monster become so aware he doesn't wanna wear hat anymore. And as for my tiny monster, she only got to wear hat when she was born. New born baby wears hat after birth for some reason that we loose a lot of body heat through the head, and infants tend to have a difficult time keeping their body temperature consistent after birth. So, here are my entry hats day with Jake and Justine.

They both wear hat during birth and on the day we went home from the hospital.
Winter hat from momgen's contest.

Jake under the shades even if he had hat on. Taken when were in vegas

Hmmm Im thinking of putting a business, maybe a halo halo shop or shake,smoothies, free crushed ice

Hi girlzzz wanna play horsey horsey with me???

Mooo...I'm wilbur the barn calf, I love dirt!

Let go of me, I can manage...tsk tsk..

I'm going for a safari wanna come with me? wink!

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Chris said...

its true, as the kids grow up they want to wear less hat...

thanks for joining!

Cecile said...

wow, i love all Jake's hats here, Tsang :-); kanindot tan awon uy! Akong Jke naman ganahan jud siya sa Hats uy, as you see on my entry:-);

my fave on Jake's hat here was the one where he was sitting under the shade; so cute!

Lulu said...

i like the pic of jake in the shade....

Dhemz said...

me too..I love the one on the shade....hehehe....cute kaau...nitapig tawon ang amerkano..hadlok sa init.

na tawon si AKesha ug d man wear ug hat kay makusnutan man dayon..waaaaaaaaaaa...hahahaha!

life's journey said...

Oh they are cute...happy weekend...

kittykat said...

wow..apil na si Baby Justine sa Mommy Moments..looking to more photos of her Mommy Shy..

Race said...

i like the wilbur the barn calf pic :-) mine's up for the first time at

Seiko said...

Jake & Justine were so cute on theit hats & I like Jakes photos in his horsey horsey pics.Pasakay naman Jake!Have a great weekend Mommy!Hugs & kisses to your kiddos!:D

darly said...

i like the one in the shade, he looks so innocent and pure there. and nakakagigil sa ka-cutan momi shy.

happy MM po.

mine is up too.

Willa said...

I luv Jakey's last pouty photo, so cute, and baby Justine, Welcome to Mommy Moments, watch out baby Justine bec mommy is always holding her camera ready to snap a shot in every single move you make. :D
Happy Weekend!!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

ka-cute sa mga hats ni jake... of course, mas cute sab jud ang nagsul-ob.
Have a blessed Sunday, shydub. :)

Anne said...

Ka-cute sa imung mga baktin tsang oi. Perting lami-a pang kusi-kusi-on ...tyabaw jud na taman...your so blessed to have them with your banana syempre...

Dili pako ka-apil aning mommy moments kay wala pako baktin nga butangan ug hat hehe..

DebbieDana said...

Hi sis, your kids are soooooooooo cute! It's true, babies don't want hats, ganyan din si Daniel nung baby pa sya....ang arte! hehe..

But anyway, thanks for the visit...I'm nearing 30 weeks and im doing very good, ang likot likod ng baby ko, di nya ako pinapatulog... :) Musta ka na rin? Ang bilis lumaki ni baby ?Justine ah, at lalong gumaganda.

Ingat lagi sis..

Debbie :)

SimpleJenn said...

Ur baby pics r real cute! It's true nowadays they seldom get to wear hats!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang cucute ng mga chikitings! ^_^ i love all the photos! ^_^ lalong lalo na un huli...love it! ^_^

Clarissa said...

I love Jake's horsey pic!!Pasakay ha!Ayaw ka guol kay bugat ra ba ko lol!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

labay ko kadyot tsang....mingaw man ang panagat...nap sako kadali....:)

chubskulit said...

Sowi dito bakla nahuli ang akong visit sa MM nimo hehehe... I'd be glad pag andyan na kami sa Tate at magkakapareho na time natin hehehehe, mavivisit na din kita yipeeee.. Love all the photos lalo na yung nasa shade si Jake.. Mestizo and mestiza imong pinang gab ihan tsang lol..

Andrea said...

Cute pics! I love all of the hats!

In response to your comment last week: that is okay, I can imagine it is a big adjustment going from one to two!!!

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