Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments - That's My Favorite

mommy moments

That's My Favorite

(photo of your kids with any favorite)

This is the theme of this week mommy moments. So with our further ado here are my Rugrats favorite toys, and things to do. Anyway drop by at Mommy Journey to see more of mommy moments favorites.

My little pre-madona who loves to fuss sometimes, smile if her mood is great, and cry out loud if she is hungry and tired. Baby at this age is KKK (kaon, katulog, kalibang) eat, sleep, poop are their favorite things to do. She also started to play with toys now. This is the mobile gym we got for Jake. Good thing Justine like it because the buckaroo Ehmmm not so much.

Jake loves stuff animals; he has quite a few of stuff toys in his bed that gives him comfort. His favorites among them are Winnie the pooh and of course Raggedy Andy which he always take with him every where we go. He also loves music. Every time we play his favorite song on cd he would just run right away to his crib and grab pooh as his dancing partner.

Jake's likes to tear and pretend reading his book. His favorite books are the "Pat the Bunny", "Open the Barn Door" and "Wow City" perhaps because of the colorful illustrations and interactive pages with it. These books right now are all ruined and torn that is why I had to hid it also so that he won't tear all the pages on it. I'll give it back to him when he is two years old, hopefully by that age he won't tear its pages and knows the value of how to take good care of his books.

Jake's favorite old sesame street hanging mobile that he inherited from his cousins. We bought him a new hanging mobile gym but he didn't showed much appreciation and interest on it compared to this one. Even if he was almost a year old up to now he was still playing with it. Now I hid it at Justine's room before he will break it. Every time we opened Justine's room and he spotted this toy inside we couldn't stop him from going there and play with it otherwise its gonna be loud scream and cry.
Happy mommy moments everyone and have a pleasant, fun filled weekend.


Dhemz said...

agoy pagkabibo dire sa imong entry tsang..malingaw man ko ug tan-aw nilang duha...sos busy kaau imong mga pispis sa kadaghan sa toys woi....

kita sa una bata pa ta..wala kau ta toys...karon grabi..colorful pa kaau...hehehe

thanks for sharing tsang...drop sako! balik rako unya!

Hazel said...

i loled at KKK! your kids surely are having fun with their faves. happy mommy moments.

Evan's Mom said...

Sleeping with Pooh, cute! Good luck with the books, Evan still ruin his books even now that he's four. Except for his school books, somehow he can keep them in one piece.
Have a great weekend :)

Lulu Post said...

agoy mura man si baby juz ug hapit na mahagbong... na ingana jud na mga kids mami mukaon or mogisi sa mga books...

Cecile said...

i love all the pictures here, tsng :-); tama si dhemx, daghan toys atong anak, kita sa una wa jud laruan :-).

jake is very cute labi na yung nakatug na siya with pooh.

mom's place said...

hahaha...makalingaw ang mga pics labi na si buckaroo nga nakatulog tawon na may pacifier pa hahaha. hay kayamanan jud ning mga pictures ba basta gagmay pa sila...

Dhemz said...

nakabalik nako tsang....:)

woi, bitaw woi hapit na mahagbong si bb juz tsang...wala ba na nimo g buckle? hehehhe...ka cute bya iyang porma..pre madona man kaau ug!

korek....KKK...hahaa...fave man jud!

cute kaau si jake nakatulog sa iyang poo...pacifier pa...nagpacifier bana sya ron tsang?

darly said...

lurve the KKK part, funny yet so true. My bebe also loves winnie the pooh, its her sleeping buddy as well.

Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

Chris said...

great entry! :D thanks for sharing about your kids! :D

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

kaka miss din ang baby, inom at tulog lang... when they become toddler, pati ikaw active na rin lol.. so cute kids you have

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

susme naman! eh para palang mantika matulog si princess Justine mo, kahit parang mahuhulog na sa duyan duyan nya eh sarap pa rin ng tulog, si Prince Jake naman eh mas malaki pa sa kanya ang kanyang raggedy doll :D
Ikaw naman, hindi naka pose si Kendrick sa huling picture 'no!, natutulog iyon, sa sobrang pagod galing sa University lol!
Happy Weekend, Shay!

Jac said...

your kids are so adorable kung mag neighbors lang tau baka lagi ko silang hinihiram sau nakakatuwa yung first picture ni Justine likot n nya matulog beautiful baby sarap i-hug :p

Clarissa said...

hahahaha!!Ang sarap maging bata noh?KKK lang lol!!No wonder lil Justine is growing up very fast!!Give Jake a hug for me!!Sarap pisilin!!\(^0^)/

Momgen said...

kanindot sa duha pahaloka ko day asa man ahhaha sa imo aping hehehheh ngano man kay nindot man imo aping mao ba hehhehhe

Seiko said...

First & foremost I would like to thank you for the good words you left into my page & brought a big smile into my face.I guess you're right mommy Shy.Really thank so much.
Oo nga pala back to MM.J & J's photo here are all so cute & lovely.Nakakamiss taaga ang may baby sa bahay.:D
Btw,'ve been very busy this past few days kaya ngayon lang naka dalaw dito.'missed you so much!:DHugs!

Yami said...

What cute babies you have. Sometimes I miss the presence of babies at home. I've got two big kids here. Thanks for visit mommy Shy.

By the way I've added your four sites to my blog list. Palit tayo? ;-)

I've got two naman:

Thanks! :)

sweet_shelo said...

Your babies are cute sis.. Jake is really sweet to his stuff toys.

Love your blog sis,. ex links tau ha..

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