Friday, September 18, 2009

Mommy Moments - Treasured Pictures

mommy moments

Mommy moments once again and this week theme is "Treasured Pictures". I'm sure some of the mommies in the mommy moments participants got confused which pictures they are going to put on this week theme because perhaps all their pictures are treasured and memorable just like ours. Anyhow, I'll post the latest pictures of Jake and Justine together that I really treasured. These pictures are so precious and it touches my heart as I look at it everyday.

Jake still have some jealousy issue towards Justine but he is working on it little by little. He called Justine, sissy and every now and then he give Justine a kiss and run to her when she cry.

This picture taken on the second day at the hospital. The first day and first time he met Justine at the hospital he took a swipe on her and didn't want to touched her.

It's a natural reaction for Jake to get jealous when Justine came because he is still a baby and apparently needs more attention, care and love. He doesn't understand yet that parent(Mama & Daddy) has a huge heart to love both of them and 20 more babies ahhh har har har.

Taken a week after I came here in the US of A. I never gonna have this body again and I was still nice at that time, now hmmmm devil..ish already hehehe that is why I treasured this picture.
Check out other treasured pictures at mommy moments head quarters hehehe




Lulu Post said...

mami shy agoy wana chance ang coca cola body... ang akong body coke liter na... pero ok lang kay sexy kuno ingon ni dave waaaaa

cute man si j and j.... bantayi lang kay basin kumoton ni jake si justine

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...shuang lagi ni si mami Lu....hahahhaha....:)

sos atong mga lawas sa una...lami kaau kay slim...nyahhaha..tawon naka abot sa US of double man ang share mine too later.....:)

love the first pic too tsang...very sweet...kabuotan lagi ni jake diay....mabuotan lagi pag mamanghuran na...hehehe!

grabi kay 20 man jud ka kids woi...hahahha....grabi....:)

Laikka said...

agoy ka cute nila shy.. I wish and its my prayer na ma ate na sad si laikka this year;) heheh!
Happy MM!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hala makikiaguy na rin ako hahaha.. Maayong buntag du=iha bakla.. maglalakwatsa kami ngayon perso syempre daan muna ako sa palasyo mo hehehe. I love those pics esp yung hawak ni hubster mo si Jake and they were looking at Tintin... Ang payat mo baga bakla, sabi mo may fats ka ala naman eh...

O sya hugs and kisses kanimo ug imong J&J.. mwah!

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Cecile said...

at last, sige man ko ug hulat aning post uy; ka seksi nimo , Tsang...nah ubsaon man kay daghan man resto dire sa US, mao to mmanambok tang tanag hehehe. nus a man kaha ta mobalik sa atong niwang nga lawas.

so much for the sexy body, ka sweet lagi ni Jake uy, sige amping sa iyang igsuon, i love all the pictures here, Shy :-)!

AdinB said...

That is so nice mommy Shy! So precious. Iba na jud pag mommy na ano.. they are our pride and joy. Love the mommy moments shared photos!

Ms. Journ said...

Wow tsang...treasured moments jud ni. I bet maibalik pa nimo inung coke body as mami lulu says pag ato na bana bisan unsa nga korte sexy gihapon hehehe...

Jac said...

aww, how sweet naman yung last picture at ang sexy mo pla sis :p. Btw musta na ang cute baby Jake and ang beautiful princess mo grabe laki na nya kagad.Ang sweet ni kuya Jake love na love nya ang baby sister nya love the first picture so cute..
Buti nalang at naayos na pc ko at nakaka drop comments na uli ako lol...

Happy weekend :p

Chris said...

cute photos of your two angels :D im sure Justin will be able to adjust soon too.. i remember it took Kyla a while to adjust :D

happy mommy moments!

Seiko said...

Korek ka dyan Mommy Shy sa dami ng mga treasured pics to post isa na ako dun sa mga nahirapan na sinabi mo.
I love Jake & Justines being together here,ang sweet sweet ni Jake kuya na kuya na ang dating & I'm glad nakaka cope na si Jake sa selos nya w/ his sissy.
Very touch nga ako when you said that Jakes give kiss & run to Justine when she cry.Ang sweet sweet po talaga.
And lastly,korek ka dyan sa post mo dyan sa last pic mo,mahirap ng ibalik ang dating figure,basta keep on excercising na lang sayang ang kaseksihan mo,ang seksi mo pa naman.
Happy weekend & mine's up too na pala.Hays finally nakavisit din ako dito.Hugs!

gengen said...

awww kanindot sa mga pictures diri oy heheheh ako Shy gusto pod ko balik lawas but murag di na tingali ambot lisura pabalik oy...

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