Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yo Adgitize, Awesome!

Adgitize your web site.

I Started my day with the huge smile and big grin, yesss I did. When I open my mail this morning a good news from adgitize made me smile. Finally, Adgi paid me after a long time of having their ads on my blog. Isn't that great?! This ads are really real, not just a bunch of blah blah compared to others that they will terminate or disabled your account after you earn and ready to get paid. You should give this adgitize a try guys, not just you earn money from them it will also increase the traffic in your blog once you sign in. To start with just click the badge on top or go to adgitize.com and sigh up to register your blog.
Read this and decide for yourself,from adgitize with love hehehe

Bloggers - 7 Reasons You Should Adgitize Your Blog

* Advertisers Can Reach Thousands of Potential Visitors Daily
* Advertisers Pay One Low Monthly Fee
* Affiliate Network Helps You Earn On-Going Income
* Publisher Network Produces a Monthly Cash Revenue Stream
* Bloggers Like You Increase Their Daily Traffic
* Advertisers Get Cash Rebates
* Spend Your Time Blogging and Let Adgitize Send You Traffic




Lulu said...

wow congrats datu na jud ka hapit mami shy

Cecile said...

Tsang, congrats ha :-)! ako kaya kailan nila babayaran?

Cacai M. said...

good for you Karya, akoa, gikuha nko sa akong site.. hahah.. well, matod pa aning imong post fc nga hapit na daw ka madato^ Karya.. sus, kini jud si Mareng, ang pagkadato^ ra jud ang gihuna-huna ani.. hahahha.. unsa pah?.

gengen said...

wa ko ana pa ba hehehhe

Dhemz said...

oh la la.....yehey! finally...maka shopping na jud ka ani tsang...lol....good for you..sos tawon..santimaan..kanus-a pa kaha ko ani mo abot ug 10 bucks tawon...maau kay wala ka na 0 today tsang....

mingaw man tawon kaau ang panagat woi....

just got back from class...the quiz was not bad....:)

agi ko dire kadyot kay mamindot sako...dayon blog hop...:)

Unknown said...

weehhh..another blessing Mommy Shy..congrats..maay wala na suspend imong account..unlike other ads na kung ting bayad na i suspend dayon ka..

ako kaha kanus-a pako..bago lang ko start sa adgi man gud...hopefully i will receive my first payment soon..

Tetcha said...

Just in time, I was actually thinking of checking this site myself. Let's see.

kamz said...

how did you get that mommy shy? unsa mga tricks? i have been on adgitize for 2 months now, and wala pa man ko ka-earn oi! cguro kay tamad ko mg click and visit ug other adgitize blogs? hehehe! tudlui ko giunsa nimo. thanks! :D

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

congrats! check ko nga ulit yung adgitize account ko.:)

Chubskulit Rose said...

ang tagal ko na ditong member bakla pero ang earnings ko wala pa ngang 2 bucks lol.. last month, ni isang sentimo wala akong naearn... pano ba magearn ng ganyan kadami lol..

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! kakasign up ko palang dito 2 weeks ago ata...^_^
congrats! more blessings too come

cornyman said...

Want to know how to earn up to 20$ each month with Adgitize :)

Read my guide at The One Minute Guide - How to earn more money with Adgitize!

Got my third payment already (with referrals) 28$... now got 84$ (deducting 42$ for ads, still left 42$ :) ).

Adgitize rocks, Adsense sucks with 7$!

tx sweetie said...

wow nice u got the payment. how long it took u to come up with this amount? ako layo pa i only have 9 cents so far waaaaaa.. any tip how to increase the money?

Jac said...

wow congratulation!!!

Seiko said...

Congrats ommy Shy!'m happy for you.:D

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