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Couple's Corner#1 - Meet Mr. and Mrs. Worthington

Rodliz’s Nest

If you love to share story about your marriage, relationships, love story as a couple and stuff, then head on to Couple's Corner hosted by Liz of Rodliz's Nest. First week of Couple's Corner meme and this week's topic is Introducing myself and my better half. Good thing we are not on war right now, so I'm in the mood to say good things about my better half waaaa. And here we go;

Sheila Requieron here, 100% pinay. Born and raise in Camp 14, Libona Bukidnon the land locked plateau in North Central Mindanao. It is also considered the biggest pineapple plantation in the Far East. My father used to work as a private security in Del Monte pineapple Philippines for 20 years. I have 6 sibs, 3 girls and 3 boys, the eldest is my half brother from my fathers previous relationship. I'm a teacher by profession and now stay at home mom to my two adorable babies and full time house maid opppps house wife rather to my Babger. They are the reason I quit my job back home and moved here in the US last May of 2007. I am nice, sweet person according to my friends and devil sometimes and impulsive according to my sisters grrrr.

Meet my Babger, Joseph Worthington in paper, Joe to his Mom, sibs and friends and Joedub to me. Born in New York and raise in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. He is the youngest and only boy in the family. He has 2 sisters which are both nice and professional. According to him he has a Welsh blood and the Worthington was from Germany who came to Arkansas USA. He was in the military for 5 years until a certain incident that almost causes his life gave him the reason to retire early. After he left the military, he went back home and finished college and graduate school as a working student and thru scholarship. Right now, he worked as a Math prof. in one of the prestigious University here in Pittsburgh. He was been divorced for 17 years when we met. He told me we were compatible and the right man for me, that's how he got me. He is nice person but conceited and annoying sometimes. And one thing I am sure of, he is a very loving father to our kids.



Chie Wilks said...

Hahahah mau la mo war ni hubby nimu ha...pero naa japon gamay nga bad things diri oh..hala ka sis shy mabasahan ni sa imong Badger..heheheh

It's nice knowing you more sis Shy and your hubby both are lucky having each other..and became more lucky having two bundles of joy now

Lulu said...

agoy picture na pod nga sexy... lamia lagi i post ning picture nga sexy ba... naa ko daghan pod ingani wahahaha

Im still thinking if muapil ba ko ani nga meme... aho sa hunahunaon sa makadaghan wahehheehe

Mom of Four said...

HI Mommy Shydub, I love your humor..Kelan ka lang pala dito sa US, sarap buhay ng stay at home mom di ba? House maid without paycheck, hehehe..only gratitude from our hubby and kids. Hehehe! Wow, taga Mindanao ka rin, mababait daw mga taga Mindanao, kaya I believe mabait ka din.

You are lucky for having a nice hubby and of course, he is also lucky for marrying you, hahaha! Conceited, annoying but a loving father, great combination..

Thanks for joining this Meme, I hope to see you next week. Have a great day!

anne said...

Hi shy nice knowing and ure partner through the MEME. I am looking forward to read more of ure post through couples corner and thank u for leaving a comment in my blog

kittykat said...

HUHUHU..unta someday I can also contribute ani na mga story Mommy Shy..hhmmm..kanus-a pa kaha na..

Cecile said...

Tsang, akong bana naa sad blood nga welsh.

Clarissa said...

hahahaha!!Ganyan ba talaga kayo ka-war ng mga kapatid mo?lol!I'm sure that your husband is a loving father to your kids and a good husband to you,Mommy Tsang.Taga Mindanao ka pala,Mommy Tsang--pareho kayo ni Mommy Dhemz?Nice to know something about you and your hubby through this fun meme!!^_^

Jac said...

Aww, sexy ni mommy shy and nakaka amaze ang story ni hubby mo sis. math prof. si hubby naku di kami pwede mag usap about numbers kasi mag no- nose bleed ako hahahah....
Nice picture btw...

Seiko said...

Sheila...sound sexy
I enjoy reading about you & your hubby & I agree w/ Mommy Liz house maid w/o paycheck lol but satisfied indeed di ba?

chubskulit said...

ahahahaha nawala tuloy ang antoko ko dito sa post mo bakala hahaha.. aals dose na ng gabi dito pa ako sa harap ng pc, kakatapos ko lang ng pagkakakitaan hehehe.. Grabe PMS ko kahapon kaya walang bloghop.. John gave me percocet which knocked me out last night lol.. The earliest ever na pagtulog ko wahahaha..

Oppps back to your post, love your sexiness bakla, kaw talaga ika pala ang sexy dyan eh hehehe.. Nagmilitary din pala si Joe ano bakla..

Kapalaran talaga natin, ginive up yung career para maging tsimay eheste nanay at asawa pala nyahahaha..

Sige na nga lipat pa ako sa iba mong bahay para di ka tampo lol..

Dhemz said...

shuang lagi jud ka tsang...makabuyong man imong body yotz wonder d jud ka buhian ni jose....hehehhehe...joke!

taas lagi ka tsang...pila diay imong height?

hahhaha.....devil man jud woi....ako pod, sa among family murag ako man guro ang black sheep....hehehhe....

agoy, g elaborate man jud ang atong pagka maid....lagi woi, ni anhi tuod ta ug US pero maid man ta....hhahaha....pero sige lang kay modako na ni atong mga pispis puhon maka gawas ra lagi ta sa koral.....nyahhahaha!

5 years ra diay si joe tsang no sa military?

parehas lang ni sila ni goryo...mga tigols na nig grad sa college.....

thanks for sharing your love story tsang....pass sako this week...busy akong life woi...unya na among midterm....

agi lang ko dire kadali....sige tsang, tiwas sako ug study ha...mwah...balik rako unya after my exam...babosh! kisses tuod sa mga chikading!

Anne said...

Agy tsang sexy man kaau ning taga bukidnn. Pareha man diay ta tsang didto man ko gipanganak... hehehe!
Si Hubby agoy thanks kaila nako kaau niya karon... nice jud kaau ang inyong mga pahiyum dire tsang oi...

Kaw maau kaayo ang pagka poise...heheh!

Yami said...

Nice meeting you sis Sheila or Shydub and your hubby as well.

Bakit parang champoy description mo kay hubby. hehe. (Champoy kasi may sweet, maasim, maalat at kung ano pa pero masarap naman).

Pareho pala kayong teacher. And its good to know that he's a loving and good father to your kids. He looks sweet naman sis. :)

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