Monday, October 26, 2009

Whatta Day

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It's manic Monday as usual for me here taking care of our two fussy babies. Jake want some attention right now because he is teething again. Usually he won't complain that much when he is in pain. His gums are all swollen, especially the part where canines and molar teeth are. The canines almost out now as I see the white and sharp teeth through his gum. I guess this set of teeth right now which about to merge must very painful to him. The second molars are usually the last to appear. For many babies, the emergence of these large teeth can often be the most painful. And Justine on the other hand, she always want to be held and cuddled. Aside from the cold weather we are having right now, she is also has cold, cough and runny nose. What a day....very manic monday indeed. They are both napping right now so, I got the chance to stretch out and blog whoahahaha.

Every now and then, the buckaroo always finds things to do to his lil sissy. Like in this picture, every time I put Justine down Jake would lay his head to her tummy and he has a heavy head. It's a sweet gesture though if you look at it. Oki dokiez, hope you guys have a relaxing Monday/week.




Lulu said...

the last pic is very sweet mami shy! you need to keep a copy of it...

teJan said...

ana bitaw jud na oi basta mag ngipon! oh so cute little justine..thumbsucking..ahhehe!

pakusi-a ko shang:)

Greg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

agoy ginoo.....klaro man kaau ang hubag sa upaw....kaluoy tawon sa imong buckaroo tsang.....hubag man kaau ang Akesha sa una tsang kay amo pa um-om sa ice para d sige ug tyabaw....kay alingsahan enjoy lagi nuon sya um-om sa ice....hehehehe!

agoy thumb sucker man diay ni si blonde...ayaw pa anara tsang kay ma back tooth na unya pag disbeauty unya ang blonde...hehehehe....

murag bundled up man kaau mo diha woi...dre nga pwede pa man mag sleeveless....hehehehhe! way klaro ning panahon dire....init ulan..vice versa...

agoy pagka sweet tawon kaau ni jake...maau ni si blonde kay d moreklamo nga bug-at ang ulo sa iyang kuya...hehehehe!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww so sweet naman ni Kuya Jake kay tintin hehehe,... am sure your little princess wouldn.'t mind such gesture .. Kumusta ka na bakla.. Sowi ngayon lang nakadalawa ang inaheng bakla at busing busy dito.. naghahanda sa aming paglalakbay hehehe..

Lindz said...

the joy of being a mom... I've been there done that... you're children are so adorable

Seiko said...

Finally!Nakakita rin ako ng post about Jake & Justine 'though I know for sure mar marami akong makikita sa Baby Blog.
Ang hirap talaga pag nagngingipin ang baby,either lalagnatin nagpupururut din nakakaawa talaga.
Ang cute cute nila sa last pic ang sweet sweet ni Jake kuya na kuya na ang dating.
Hugs & kisses to JAke & Justine!Mwah!

Clarissa said...

Awww..kawawa naman ang buckaroo mo,Mommy Shy!!Ibig sabihin nyan eh he's growing big na nga.I love their pics there,Mommy Shy!!So sweet!!^_^

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