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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couples Corner - First year of Adjusting to the Married Life

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The topic for this week Couple Corner is "First 365 days of Being Married" Awwww the fun part of marriage hehehe. 365 days is the underestimated numbers for us, perhaps until now we are still adjusting and trying to change for the good of our family and our marriage to last. Since Hubby and I met and known each other over virtual dating, we don't know so much about the rotten side of our personality. And you only know the person so well if you live with him/her. Before I got here, my husband already told me how small his apartment was, that he had laundry and clothes hanging every where waiting for me to fold. So, the moment, I step inside his small hehehe as in 1 single studio room apartment and saw the jeans, shirt hanging in every doors of his closet I was speechless. I didn't expect to see such small room here in the US and the clutter. Thus, have to give him credit coz he cleaned for 1 week as in general, major, captain cleaning his apartment before I arrived here. I was still nice and sweet then hehehe so, no complain baby! do your job.
Living with a playful man, in one small studio type room was sweet and fun but soon we suffocate each other...lalo na ako!..will share it next week. Anyhow, in one year of our marriage lots of fun times and not fun happened like every time I go poo poo and wee wee my husband would just pop in and watch me even if I closed the door. Until, I get used to it, that's when the time he created a monster. We watched each other doing the confession time in our bathroom while watching TV at the same time. We did disgusting stuff like belching, slobbing, farting and more. There was one time we had a farting fight. I was prego with Jake and got lots of gas. I farted due to gas as in not intentionally and he farted back, so I farted back and we farted back and forth until I got mad waaaaa I lose. In our 1 year of being married, countless of nasty fights and bitchiness. I'm just glad we made it to our two years 5 months and 18 days now without killing each other. We laugh right now every time we remember our nasty, bitchy, disgusting, and funny one year of marriage. Well, they are spices of our married life.
Watch out for next week, to be continued......:-0

P.S...if you guys noticed that in my post we always fight it's because neither one of us knows how to understand and give up any fights. When I get mad, i get mad and it takes days before I get over it while when my husband gets angry it only take few minutes and he is ready to play again but I'm not. My husband is so insensitive sometimes, instead of comforting me when i feel sad or upset, he would say "Grow up" with his playful tone. So, can't blame myself if I pick a fight.


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...makabuyong man ning imong post tsang...sige lang man ko ug katawa dire woi....kuyaw kay naa man diay mo farting contest....lol!

ka sau nimo naka gama woi..ako dpa kaya ng powers nako...balik lang ko unya..basahon napod nako ug otro kay malingaw ko...lol!

thanks for sharing....:)

Mom of Four said...

Kakatawa ka naman..Naku eh ganyan din kaming mag asawa, may fartign contest. pero talo ako, hahaha... Ganon yata kapag mag asawa na, may times na nagkakaroon ng misunderstanding di ba? but, see, kahit may mga awayan, at anupaman, you're happy and still love each other. Sino ba kasi ang may sabing ang married life eh laging nakangiti at laging heaven ang feeling, naku ha, may time din na gusto mong sakalin ang hubby mo kahit loves na loves mo di ba? ehehehe..

Abangan ko nga ang next week mo..hahaha! looking forward to it..

Lulu said...

we too have our shares of fights and bickering and there are times that I wanna say "F... U.." but i never did... mabait na asawa ito! wahehehehe

Kero said...

wow. you have a fun marriage gurl! i think you should keep it that way hahahaaa.

i really enjoyed your story. i think all wives complain of our husbands' farting hahahaa

i look forward to more of your romance story. May God's grace continue to shine on your marriage :)


aw lupig ko ana shy wla pud ko anang fart wars,hehehehehehhe..I knew how you struggle and it makes me happy to know that you guys are going stronger.. The men in our lives are not like playdough tht we can just mold to whatever we want them. They are just like us. The The other key to marriage is compromise..I really hope to meet you guys one of this days..

eds said...

haha para palang world war 2 sa ove nest nio .. pambihira although ganyan din kami ni habibi in the middle of the night.. hehe funny moments na pang mag-asawa lang talaga.. enjoyed it sis..

Cecile said...

haha, grabe diay ang inyong farting fight! maybe we would try that :-); i really enjoy reading your story, Tsang :-); wow, dali lang diay mawala iyang galit; ka playful diay niya.

kami sad naay fights, but he is always the one na makipagbati, dayun guilty gud diay siya nag nakita na niya na maghilak ko.

kat said...

HAHAHAHA maayo diay mo tawagon ug family fart Tsang. mangutot unta ka Tsang sa sulod sa kumot kamong duha dayon pangutot ug baho kaayo...hahaha ako na gibuhat sa ako bana, hastang sukoa, iya ko padaganon sa CR kay basig naa daw kasunod waaaa...hahaha

o sige abangan ang susunod na kabanata..hehe

anne said...

hehehe, thats why in marriage compromising is the best policy...

acmumcee said...

this is one fun and exciting first year.. I enjoyed it super duper!!! see you around po!

Chie Wilks said...

Hehehhehe..ktaw-anan man mo sis..tinuod jud nga mawala na ang atong kademure or pagkabuotan pag nag-asawa na.mnggawas na daun ang pagkamangtas..bisan kami mgutotanay heheheh..mgjoke2x.. I am very much familiar with the line "grow up" in a playful voice from hubby..ako sad sya replyan "I know i am short" then mgkataw-anay na...haay..korek maam Shy, spices of life ra jud ang tanan nga kalisdanan sa buhay mg-asawa...

thanks for visiting mine diay sis and looking forward to reading more of the story..murag nbitin ko hehehe

Seiko said...

Ahaha!!Nakakatuwa talagang basahin ang entry mo here in CC Shy,parang ang saya saya nga eh imagine,exhanging farts wow!!Believe it or not magdadalawang dekada na yata since I got married w/ the same man in my life yang bagay na yan ang hindi namin nagawa.Like farting & burping in front of each of us.Masyadong serious naman ang unang part ng buhay may asawa ko,besides lagi syang me salitang "act like a lady" & talk like a lady hehe kaya yata maaga akong tumanda eh hehe.

Lisa said...

Farting contest, LOL! Hubby and I did it too many times, palakasan ng fart and most of the time he won. BTW, nice story and well written...

hopeful said...

Namuot kog kinatawa dri sis oi! Hapit gisi ako baba sige ngisi. Few years after the marriage is really an adjustment to the couples.

Prehas man sab diay ta noh dugay maulian, mngita pa jud ug gubot.

Ang kaminyoon jud nkaingon ko nga dili lalim. Naa jud always bitterness and sweetness. Oh, life!

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