Monday, November 16, 2009

LeapFish and Make-a-Wish Join Forces to Tweet-a-Cause

Do you know that with your own twitter account you can make a difference to an ill child's life? LeapFish is sponsoring the Tweet-a-Cause and Make-a-Wish campaign to help grant an ill child’s wish. LeapFish is an evolved search engine that captures the traditional, multi-media and real-time Web, through a single, connected search platform for both searching and sharing content. The Make-a-Wish Foundation is the largest wish-granting organization in the world that grants magical wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich their lives with hope, strength and joy. Now that you know what LeapFish and Make-a-Wish stands for, you should also know that they join forces to raise $10,000 to help ill child Jacob to make his dream come true through tweet-a-cause using the twitter. Tweet-a-Cause is a social media fund raising initiative that will give Twitter users the power to grant an ill child’s dream to go to Disneyland, one Tweet at a time. LeapFish will donate 5 cents per Tweet to the Make-A-Wish Foundation until $10,000 has been raised and the child and his family can go to Disneyland. So, with your twitter account and one tweet at a time you can make a difference. If you have your own Twitter account, please tweet the following message;
Just tweeted 2 grant a childs wish! #LeapFish donates to #makeawish foundation for each tweet. Please retweet!
If you don't have twitter account yet, I encourage you to sign up now and help grant Jacob's dream come true. Jacob is four years old, has a rare and life-threatening disease that has affected him since birth. He has one big wish in life that is to go to Disneyland with his family. Tweet now and make a difference!


Dhemz said...

agoy very nice entry....wako ganahi ug gama tsang...maong si goryo ra akong gpaghimo ganina...naglabad akong ulo woi....kuwang sa!

woi gosh...nadawat nako imong package....agoy ginoo...nakuratan ko kung asa gikan...sos gikan man diay nimo....mauwaw man sad ta nimo tsang woi....ka very thoughtful basad kaau sa akong amiga....:)

Akesha love love the book...she call it "the prinshes book"....waaaaaa...thanks kaau tsang love the hat and the angel...thanks in a million....:)

kasayo sa akong aginaldo woi....hehehehe....:) mauwaw man sad ta....sige lang puhon pada ko ug usa ka bukag nga saging, lutya, ug mga citrus!

thanks again tsang....your kindness and sweetness are very much appreciated...mwah!

kisses sa mga pispis...ugma nako blog hop kay kawala wala among internet....tapos labad pa akong ulo...:) night night!

d man unta nam

kat said...

waaa hahaha si Dhemz kay dalhan daw ka ug usa sa bukag nga unsa daw to? hahaha.

Tsang ask lang ko...pwede sad ko grab ug SS nga opps? nag signed up nako didto pero wa ko kabalo kung pwede ba ko grab pod didto ug opps since approve nako sa ppp. usa ra ba na sila? ug unsaon man ng real rank oi..ahak ning way alamag oi..

Seiko said...

Thanks for sharing this Mommy!:D

*My Bundles of Joy*

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