Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meaningful Gift

So often in our lives, we take things for granted. We take our possessions for granted, and we even take our health and our lives for granted. We get caught up with our busy life everyday, at work, family and other activities. And now that the season of giving is around the corner which is also the season of miracles let's take a pause and think of what’s really important in our lives. Let's remind ourselves that it really is a wonderful life and it’s all in how we perceive and appreciate the gifts and blessings around us. Take for example that monthly gift also known as the curse! The miracle of emerging medicine is showing that menstrual blood really is a gift. Our monthly gift is indeed a miracle not a curse. It saves life in the future. Scientists have proven that menstrual blood is rich in adult stem cells, the life-saving building blocks of life that are commonly harvested from bone marrow or other invasive and painful procedures. C'elle is a company that specializes in storing menstrual blood stem cells. It has been shown that stem cell research is the present and future of finding cures for certain diseases. Check out online now about C'elle and learn all the benefits in saving your menstrual blood. Stem cells found in menstrual blood may potentially be useful in future therapies to treat a number of debilitating conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They also have the potential to be used in cosmeceutical applications such as anti-aging and sports medicine. You can click on the link provided to read the FAQs and more information of their campaign in preserving the stem cells found in their menstrual blood. It is never a bad time to plan for unhealthy days. It is a meaningful gift that you could give to your love ones. Order now and ensure your future today by storing your menstrual blood stem cells.

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

sos grabi nga OT woi...bahala ug kadalawon na hala go...ehehehe!

unsa inyong plans ugma tsang? kusog na intawon ang hangin dire...pero wala nuon nag ulan.....

sos as in...daghan na kaau sagbot among luyo tawon..maulit nako....d nako manilhig woi....hahahha!

ugma plan namo mag adto sa zoo...kay next weekend sa balay rami napod kay duty ni goryo sa air force nasad...maong lakwatsa me puhon..hope d mag ulan...

sige tsang..salamat kaau sa mga commentos ug dalaw....:)

kisses ko sa mga dinos nimo diha!

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