Monday, January 25, 2010

F - is for Fayfay

My first assignment in the public school in the city I handled grade one children but this group of kids were different from others. They were mix of slow learner, repeater, non-reader and problems with absenteeism. Anyway, everyday I let one student to stay after class for remedial teaching and reading. One kid who had been in first grade for two years was a slow learner and non reader as well. I let her hold the stick and had her point to the letter and say each sounds and the word. So, I was happy she able to identify some of the sounds and read some of the simple words. She pointed to the letter Ff then working out from the beginning sound of the word f-a-aaaa......ok go on go on....say the ending sound go go ...Faaaaaayfay lol. She almost had the word right, but it slept and read it as fayfay instead of fan. The picture was fan and the Cebuano term of fan is paypay. I felt like watching basketball and the player almost shoot the ball but it missed. I really thought I saw some progress on that kid but when I let her read again some of the words from the beginning she already forgot. This was one of the fun memories and experience I had back then. She was a sweet girl because when I transferred to 4th grade she'd always stopped by at my classroom and greeted me. I don't know if she got promoted to grade two because when I left my job she was still in grade one.


Lea said...

Owwsss poor little girl..hope she could get better and be promoted to d next level..^_^ have a nice day..

Lulu said...


Cecile said...

I am sure she got promoted now it's been years right? I hope :-)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your former student probably has mental deficiencies. Baka hindi lang slow learner but autistic. Me mga subtle forms nang autism na hindi halata on the outside. Well isang masayang memory yun nang pagtuturo mo sa school children and I'm sure nami miss mo rin yun . Mag focus ka na lang sa mga anak mo at sa pagpapalaki sa kanila dahil yan na ang buhay mo ngayon. Dumalaw ka naman sa Komentaryo blog ko. Feature dun ang mga chikitings nyo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all.

chubskulit said...

nyahahahaha famayfay ang tawag ko dyan lol..

♥Willa♥ said...

ha ha ha ha, magaling na bata! FayFay!!! ayos to ah! but infairness, at least may natutunan ako,PayPay pala sa Cebu ang electric fan, muntik ng maging Paypal, ha ha ha!!!

臭豆腐Peggy said...

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