Friday, February 26, 2010

Mommy Moments - Song From A Mom's Heart

mommy moments

Song makes my little Jake calm. He love music, classical, inspirational and children's song. When he was a baby we made up a song that goes like this;
"My little baby Jake, my baby jake, my baby jake
My little buckaroo, my little buckaroo buckaroo buckaroo buckaroo
with our own version of tune and melody naks! lol and up to now he wants us to sing it to him. He even sometimes get jealous if we sing the same tune to Justine because that's his song.
He also love the lullaby song, hush little baby, twinkle2x and classical music. And if im out of song to sing this song "YOU" by carpenters always my last song that made Jake fell asleep. He also love the song "The Journey"by lea salongga and How did you Know song.

And now we used the classical CD that his grandma Mary gave to him when he goes to bed everyday. That is why his grandma Mary bought him a piano to develop his love of music.

The opposite of Jake is this little girl name Justine. Music won't work on Justine. If she fuss and sleepy she cries out loud and if I try to sing her lullaby to help her to sleep it never works. So, I put her down and she goes to sleep on her own. But lately, she kind of like the song "Etsy bitsy Spider" and the tagalog version. She smiles if I sing the tagalog version especially Jake. I think they are wondering of the dialect used in the song. The song goes like this
Ang maliit na gagamba umakyat sa sanga,
Dumating ang ulan nahulog siya,
Sumikat ang araw natuyo ang sanga'
Ang maliit na gagamba ay laging masaya.

I'm still figuring out the kind of song that will calm this lioness hehe. For more Song From A Mom's Heart click the button on top. Happy Weekend everyone!mwah:-)


♥Willa♥ said...

Yung alaga ko rin ditong gagamba,yan din ang themesong nya, syempre yung english version,kasi imported yung gagamba ko eh, lol!

teJan said... na karon shang..CD na gamit. hehehe

Chris said...

wow, i havent heard a tagalog version of itsi bitsy spider yet!

momgen said...

Kacute nila hehhee. Happy mommy moments...

Mine is up

Lulu said...

agoy dis a man tawon ka kakita ug tagalog version ug itsy bitsy spider hehehe

Cecile said...

ka cute naman ng tagalog version ng itsy bitsy spider; galing ni Mommy mag compose eh....sana maka compose ka rin ng kay Tin2x

Scotty's Princess said...

All Cutie and adorable babies! I didn't know you're such a great composer too ,Shy. hehe! Thanks for sharing!

Have a fab Sunday!

SavvyMama said...

hahhaha...korek si mami Lu tsang..asa man ka nakakuha ana ako kay...naa pod ko daghan bisaya nga mga songs...ehehhehe!

makakanta man sad ta....ehehhehe!

agi ko kadali tsang kay sakit akong tiyan..wala nuon ko g naka LBM diha?

rjs mama said...

galing mo magcompose kanta :D

Mel Alarilla said...

Iba iba pala ang paraan mo sa pagpapatulog sa dalawa mong anak. Ang importante ay nadidinig nila ang boses mo. Ito ang nagpapakalma sa kanila dahil ito rin ang boses na kilala nila nuong nasa tiyan mo pa sila. Hanggang sa paglaki ay naaalala pa rin nang tao ang mga lullaby na inaawit sa kanila nang kanilang ina. Maski ako nuong maliliit pa ang mga anak ko ay mahilig akong patulugin sila sa pagkarga at pagkanta. Ang boses nang ina ang pinakamaimpluensyang tinig na madidinig nang tao. Salamat sa artikulo. God bless you all always.

Bambie dear ★ said...

Try mo ko kaya ang rock or punk.. i mean may friend ako na yun ang pinapatugtug dati pag super iyak na, tumitigil daw lol... well baka may type of music na si justin or maybe she's also figuring it out kung ano type nya.

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