Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy Moments - Summer Days Are Here!

mommy moments

It's still spring here but in other side of the world it's already Summer. I'm sure the beaches and pools there right now are always full especially this coming Easter Sunday. Anyhow, this week theme in Mommy Moments is the fun or activity you can do during Summer Days. I had tons of fun experiences and getaways every summer when I was single and when I came here my life was totally opposite and different. I want my kids to have wonderful childhood memories that they can cherish when they grow up. My MIL had been suggesting us to take Jake for a swimming lesson but we don't have the money. And even if there is free swimming lesson my husband is too lazy to take us there. I really hope that my husband will take extra time and effort to drive us or take us to a lot of fun places.

That summer vacation we had in Vegas was one of the great summers we had. My husband is a boring person and prefer to sits his butt off in front of the TV rather than taking us out to nice places around here. Those times that he took me for a bike ride, and canoeing it was because Mary (my MIL) told him to take me out. For two summers since I came here the park and the short walk around the sh*#%y place and malls are the only places my husband been taking us. I really want to have fun and enjoy being outside during spring and summer because these are the only time that the weather is great. There is a beach, pool and lakes close by but he never take us there so the kitchen sink and bath tub is the J&J's beach or pool. Then last summer I was pregnant and was busy moving. This summer I am not sure if we will have a fun one. He nods every time we talk about going here and there on summer but I have the feeling that he'll blow this up again. He already have schedule for a summer class so, for sure my lazy boss will make lots of alibis. If only Philippines is a jeepney ride away from here things would be easier right?lol

Enjoy your summer Pinay mommies and kiddos.


Dhemz said...

korekness bayot...if naa lang jeep dire...sureness na nga sige ta ug laag...ehehehhe!

sige lang tsang...basin malamdagan rana si jose...ehehhehe....:)

easy access raman unta diay mo sa pool bayot....hhehehe....:)

labay ko dire tsang...paminaw nako murag magsakit ko....huhhuhu....

busy among life this weekend kay mag ready me for easter...we are hosting eater this year man jud...hay life...ehehehe!

asa man mo mag eater tsang? asa tuod mo this weekend?

♥Willa♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
♥Willa♥ said...

hay naku...bagay pag untugin yung dalawa nating amo, mga matitigas ang katawan lumakad,kung hindi ko pa pagalitan,hindi pa aalis sa kinauupuan,minsan nga malapit ko ng ihagis sa bintana ang tv eh,kulang na lang itabi sa pagtulog!
Btw, ganda na naman ng outift na iyong li'l model, penk na penk, pwede ba yan mahiram? lol!

Anne said...

Tsang, korek kung duol palang ang pinas moadto ko sabukid magpa hangin hangin linaw pa kaau... dili pa tugnaw pede pako mag borlis hehehe... hahay! sagdi lang tsang kung artista na si J&J pinas naka stay sa mga hotel didto.

Pagkalami. Happy weekend tsang. Ako dire lang sa balay.

kat said...

waaaaa....maayo unta kong pwede ra jeep kay aron tugpa bisag asa hahaha. murag wa may summer diri Tsang..naa adlaw usahay pero dili man init..haguy, murag sige ra man mi diri ug ngitngit gamay...dili jud hayag...ang imong modelo kalami jud ingkiton sa lababo oi...pag ka sexy ba hahahaha

Erin said...

Following you back! Thanks for stopping by!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

summer na lalo pang umiinit dahil sa el ninyo..hehe..

Chris said...

im sure you will have a great summer ahead! :D

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