Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopaholic in Me

Finally my order from arrived this morning. I was disappointed not with the items but the services because it says in their site "same day shipping" which is not true. I ordered these(picturs below) on the 15Th of March and the items just arrived today. Whoa! March 15th and 22Nd are the same day I guess waaaaa. Well, atleast it arrive thanks but no thanks hehe.

My shopaholic side of me strike again and I can't resist and fight me evil. I had been shopping online this past couple of weeks. Now, I'm really trying to stay away from any shopping site even if I have been receiving email of 50% off, 25% off, free shipping and more. This kind of activity is so addictive, I need to rehabilitate myself for now from shopping. Few items I got last are these girly-ish stuff.

These intimate stuff got them from Charlotte Russe and then Working shirt for Babger at Both my orders from different shopping site arrived in the same day last week.

Now, I'm waiting for my orders from to arrive anytime this week.
I became a monster in shopping now when these two bloggy mommies namely Mommy L and Mommy D been giving me links of shopping site. They are the hustler in online shopping.

I'm glad I was outbidded and did not win in some of the items I Bid on eBay otherwise it drained my datungers lol. So, thankful for the paid sites for giving me opportunity and earn moolah from blogging and able to shop stuff as reward. I deserved a reward being stay at home inang yaya is not easy and very tiring. And besides I earned this Ah-Ah from blogging so I guess I have all the right to spend it. hehehe

If you ladies want to go shopping check out the sites I mention above because they have nice stuff and affordable prices too. Well except for the forever trendy that says same day shipping but it takes a week to get your order on the mail.


♥Willa♥ said...

I check some of your shopping site, hindi sila nag shi shipped dito, sayang. Shopping galore tayo ah! lol!

Dhemz said...

hahhahaha...makamuot man ko nimo tsang woi....hahhaha....grabi sa, libo libo ang package nga g abot sa pittsburgh woi...sayunan ka...ehehehe!

sos maka adik jud ning sige ug shopping online...maong ako bitaw tsang, palau na sako ug shopping kay wa na...hurot na akong tinigom...ahhahahah!

stress reliever man jud ning mag shopping ta....joker, kadaghan sa imong package...eheheheh!

you deserve it inahan....:)

sensya na tsang karon lang jud ko kabalik sa blog world....whole day ko wala internet...makalilipong! glad wala!

Me said...

hehehehe...mga sakit sa babae pareho pareho gyud oj shopping shopping....(rehabilitering) hehehehe mura man og grabe na gyud nimo shopping sa internet Tsang...

Bambie dear ★ said...

yang mga discount coupons na yang an temptation lol sarap magshopping kaso nakakabutas ng bulsa.. til next time, goodluck hehe

chubskulit said...

Ayayayay, daming goodies, buti ka pa madaming datung for shopping hehehe.. Ako set aside muna ang shopping at daming babayaran, priority muna ang pagbabayad lol..

Oiiist I love the checkered top you bought bakla, one of my type of clothing.. magkano ba yan hehehe..

Sherry said...

oh shopping is fun but shipping to here will be costly

Cecile said...

nice choices of clothes, Tsang I like them...gakling naman ni mami, sige lang you busy Mommy deserves a treat...ako wala muna shopping shopping, bahay muna at bills... :-)

Tetcha said...

Women simply can't resist shopping! Ang sarap kayang mamili, especially if you have moolah, right? It's even better if you can shop for the whole family. LOL! Thanks for the visit, Shy!

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