Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back in the Blogosphere

Good to be back! Not me but my blogs. For more than 2 weeks of stress handling my blog domain I'm glad it's finally over. Those two weeks of experiencing downtime with my page Blog Fusion lots of my post that was supposed to get paid in those dates got rejected. What a bummer! The thing was I transferred my domain name from 1&1 registrar to I accidentally cancelled my domain at 1&1 that causes it disappearance in the blogosphere. Instead of just unlocking it before doing the transfer I cancelled it. So, after I transferred it to godaddy last week I waited 5 days to be completed and accepted in the new registrar. Last night I got an email that the transfer was now accepted but I did not set the CNAME and DNS yet because I want to ask my friend Genny before making another mistake...Thanks Momgen. Thus, 2 of my other post that was suppose to be paid yesterday got rejected again last night because when they autocheck it the domain or url was not found. Whatta a life! Anyhow, I am glad it's back in the blogosphere now, and btw I change my title of my blog from Blog Fusion to Disorganized to Life's Seasoning. Don't laugh at me folks, until I just can't figure out of a good title for this blog. When I changed my blog to Disorganized it seems like it got disorganized in the blogworld and that was a sign that it was not a good title for my blog waaaaaaa. I hope the "Life's Seasoning" title the final and bring luck, lots of moolah and more as I got broke with this blog already.
My old blog Sissy's Pastime is back in the blogosphere also with its own domain name The four of us are the author of this blog but I do most of the $$$ post.
Visit our blogs and if you request for link exchange just leave a comment. Have a wonderful, rainy day everyone!



♥Willa♥ said...

Good for you! Infairness ha, magpapalit na naman ako ng title ng blog mo sa blogroll ko, baka maging fickleminded the second ka na niyan, LOL!
I will also add your Sissy's blog na rin, okidoks!

momgen said...

Hmm thanks sa mention...

teJan said...

goodluck shang! kapoy sad bitaw ni ato trabaho oi..hhehe labi na mgkasayopsayop ta..depressing sometimes:)hehhe!


Lulu Post said...

welcome back from the depressing

Wishing you tons and tons of opps!

Cecile said...

finally, your problem is fixed, tsang :) happy for you!

Dhemz said...

ayay! back to normal na diay ang imong usa ka blog sure more moolah will come....:)

nice sad ang imong blog title tsang....maau pod nga imong g change ang title....:)

salamat sa dalaw sa akong blogs bayot.....:)

sensya na karon lang ko kabali...d man jud ko katulog woi....unsa mani akong hubak ug sip-on....maong blog hop nalang ko....gibutoran nako sige inom ug!

sige bayot, duaw ko sa imong seasoning...ehehehhe!

kat said...

hay kamalas jud nako..ambot lang ug na save tong una nakong comment diri...mag adgi na lang ko maski na PR zero akong MP...waaaa

Seiko said...

Good to hear that your stress's finally over due to these blogs prob issue & everythings back into normal again :D
Btw,I like your photos from below ang slim mo & sexy! :D

Bambie dear ★ said...

bummer talaga pag down ang site natin at stressful pa mga hassles sa domains.. buti di ka mismo sa blogger nagpa-register? ANyway, visit ko site nyo at syempre link ex tayo!

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