Thursday, April 15, 2010

No No No Sissy

That's what Jake usually say to his lil sissy when she (Justine) goes undercover heheh or
Under the table....
In front of the TV and going under the TV stand....
And under the computer table.She understands NO already but like most baby they just don't care. If we say no Justine she will turn her head and give you a mischievous grin and funny look.

My lil lamb chop is now 8 months, 1 week and 5 days old and doing ahead in some of her milestones. She started crawling before she turned 8 months. She is now the new tornado girl as she love to scattered all the toys everywhere. Jake's job is to take some of his toys from his bedroom and bring them downstairs while Justine's job is to scattered them everywhere. Aside from this very important job that she does everyday she also love going under...such as under the table, under the chair, under the computer table, under the TV stand while sitting on top of the cable box. I'm telling you that kind of Job is not easy, it requires flexibility and balance hehehe. Can you believe how much baby does things on her own? He's throwing toys, talking baby talk, and touching everything in reach. These things are expected to happen when they're 9 months old but my lil lamb chop have been doing all this stuff. I read article in StrongMoms that as baby gets more independent by the day, you might be ready to set some boundaries. Your baby now understands "no," but keeping him safe doesn't have to be a negative.

Try these ideas for setting limits (no supermom powers required):

* Use the art of distraction, redirecting his attention with a favorite toy.
* Save the word "no" for the serious stuff.
* Praise your baby for positive behavior.

Using these techniques can help your baby explore the world safely. But every mom still faces her share of challenging days. You can visit the StrongMoms to learn more about your baby's 9th month and browse their mom-to-mom tips for finding balance or talk with other moms about your day-to-day ups and downs on the StrongMoms® discussion boards.

Thanks FC
Dhemz of Dias Spot


Dhemz said...

hhahaha...makamuot man sad ta tsang...undercover job man the first pic a lot!

adgi me muna bayot...balik rako unya!

Bambie dear ★ said...

pilyo talaga si Jake, pakuta mo mga pics na yan paglaki nila lol.. great tips, ganyan din ang ginagawa ko.

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!Ngayong malalaki na sina Wakaba at Haruka,sana meron na din akong maliit dito ng katulad sa yo.Ganyang-ganyan din ang mga kids ko dati lol!

chubskulit said...

Hahaha going under pala, diba may kanta nyan? Kakatuwa kasi may stuffed toy tong dalawa na ang name eh lamb chop lol.. kumusta ang badingding, naku ala na ako time to bloghop badingski.. dami ko na absent.. pilit na lang bloghop ko...

Dhemz said...

balik ko dire tsang....ehehehhe....mamuot jud ko ug tan-aw sa blonde tsang nga maau kau mosuong suong...hahahahha

naa man diay future chef nimo....maau na kau sya magduwa no? paspas kaau ang iyang improvements tsang...great job bayot! dakilang inahan ka jud....:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have a 7-month old baby girl, my 3rd kid, and I can so relate to your post! Kids do get into unimaginable capers!

imelda said...

yes i agree wt u, save the no for the serious stuff otherwise ur no will have no effect on the baby. cute babies u have sis

Cecile said...

wow, galing nman ni Tin, ahead pala siya sa mga ka babies na ka age niya...nah super busy na siya and so as the Mama :-); buti na lang may little helper ka na in the little person of Jake :-)!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Nasa age na nga si Justine na talagang kailangang bantay sarado ala Jaworski kasi she is in the most delicate and dangerous period of her young baby life. Masyadong malikot at very daring kaya't kung hindi mababantayan palagi ay baka masaktan o mapahamak. Lalo na yung pag crawl niya under appliances, baka matumba sa kanya ang appliance at masaktan siyang mabuti. Buti na lang at nandiyan si kuya Jake para tulungan si mommy na bantayan ang super likot na baby. lol. I am still praying for your whole family. I hope and pray that you are all fine and in the best of health, and peace and harmony is reigning in your house. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Mommy Rubz said...

Ang cute naman! You have pictures of her crawling everywhere. Hehehehe...

Can't wait to see Bella does her stuff too! :)

teJan said...

hhahahah..pastilan nang buhata..maayo jud duha shy no? kay makadula namn sila..hehhe! lingaw ayo sila tan-awn woi!

Jac said...

Pa big hug nga kay Justine she's adorable talaga ang sarap nya i hug ;D

admin said...

jake is such a responsible and caring bro :)

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