Monday, June 7, 2010

I've Joined The First Blogger Club

As a blogger I learned lots of things and meet lots of people in the blogosphere. It's a great tool to speak out whats inside my mind and share it to the world. It gives me the freedom to speak out my opinion, points of view and share my thoughts. I am not good in writing nor well verse with the proper grammar but can express my thoughts in any simple way I could. Anyhow, as I was doing my blog hop when I read about First Blogger Club at Lainy's Musing blog post. Lainy is one of the many bloggers that blog about her musing. I like reading her blog as it contains interesting topic and she writes very good English. Sometimes, I get shy leaving some comments because of my poor writings. nyahaha. My english is for grade one section atis row 36 only hahahaha but i am trying to develop it if there's still any hope since my brain is getting rusty now.

However, Lainy, Windy, Polly and Shinade are the founders of The First Blogger Club. They launched it last year and now First Blogger Club is open for registration. If you wish to be part of the First Blogger Club and connects to different bloggers all over the world click here to be directed to Lainy's Musing blog and register. They have all types of members from all over the blogworld and some of them are professional such as Doctor, Nurse, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Lawyer, Chef, and more to count. Tons of interesting topic being discussed fron First Blogger Club that came from the expertize of these people or members. First Blogger Club is a non-profit organization which aims to achieve its hope as one-stop website for bloggers who shares the same understanding. There is more I need to learn about blogging and perhaps I can learn that through First Blogger Club. So, check it out folks and be part of the club. Goodluck.


Bambie dear ★ said...

haller ka Ms. Shy, ang galing mo kaya mag english no... ako nga eh, mali mali na grammar kom, kulang na sa practice.. si anzu lang kasi kausap ko english dito.

ANyway, join nalang ako dyan pag medyo masipag nako =)

kat said...

apil unta ko Tsang pero kulang mani ako english, di man ni makapasar diha... vizaya fa hinoon apil ko ani...

maajo man ka kay sakto man imo english maski sectin atis , row 36 k pa hehe

nag adgi ko dirir tsang hehe

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Check ko nga ito and hopefully makasali at hindi magback out like what i did sa BC Bloggers, :D

Lulu Post said...

muapil ko ani basta ma first honor ko hehehe....

Section luy-a na ko intawon mao lisod na basin dili na ko ma counted....

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....ako jud tsang kay section 42....hahaha....sos lau raman tawon ko aning mga grammar woi....poor english tawon kaau akong grammar....hehhehe!

musta na bayot?! sensya na jud karon lang ko ka laag sa imong mansion...tawon, hinay kaau ang internet dire mabuang ko...wala gani ko kag adgi gabie....ehehehhe!

musta ang inyong weekend? asa man mo nag laag?

lagi tsang woi...arag naa mo dire kay EB ta...ehehehe! sige lang puhon basin mag road trip me diha...para EB ta ni badingding....hehehhe!

chubskulit said...

Hahahah Section Atis, ako alang section kasi bopol lol.. Mga humble tong mga bakla dito oh, ako kaya ang bad grammar lol..

Windmill said...

Hi Shydub,

Thank you for helping us with FBC. We really appreciate your involvement.

About "some of them are professional such as Doctor, Nurse, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Lawyer, Chef, and more to count".... it is what we would certainly like to achieve with time. :)

Once again, THANK YOU, Shydub.


Scotty's Princess said...

Bwahahaha! I was truly amused by this post, Shy. Nalipay ko you've posted about this. Thank you for helping us spread the word.

Blogging is NOT all about writing good English and making sure it is grammatically correct. AS long as we are able to send our message across, that's all that really matters. We blog to EXPRESS and NOT to impress. And you are doing great yourself like most of our blogging hot Mommas out there! Long live! :-)

FBC aims to come together to help one another. That is our sole motivation- to be there for each other. Whatever little thing we could contribute and share for the betterment of the blogging community, may it be in the technical aspects of blogging and such other issues outside of blogging that is of interest to us, etc. would be of huge help.

With your active involvement, we hope to achieve more :-)

All the Best,

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Alam mo Shy tuwang tuwa ako sa pagiging humble mo at pagiging down to earth. Bini bless ni Lord yung mga humble in Spirit. Hindi ka mapagkunwari at lalong lalo na hindi ka plastic. Kaya lang never overdo it, lalo na diyan sa America. Alam mo naman sa mundo natin ay tinatapak tapakan ang mga nagpapakumbaba. Pero mayayabang lang yung mga gumagawa nuon. So long as natutuwa sa iyo ang Diyos at inaappreciate ka nang mga tunay mong kaibigan ay sapat na iyon. Kilala ko si Lainy and she is a very competent and versatile writer and leader. Hindi ka niya dadalhin sa landas na ikapapahamak mo. Good luck sa pagsali mo sa First Bloggers Club. Mas lumawak pa nawa ang coverage mo at mas dumami pa sana sa mga opps para sa iyo. Salamat nga pala sa advertiser na inirefer mo sa akin. Binayaran na niya ako via PayPal. Ang bilis nang bayad. Salamat, salamat, maraming salamat kaibigan. Thanks for your post. God bless you all always.

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