Friday, June 11, 2010

Mommy Moments - Dear Dad

mommy moments

If Jake and Justine could talk they already say I Love You Dada. Jake still like 2 yrs and 3 months old and most of his word are gibberish. He can say few words and 3 words sentences but he can't say the word I Love You. I tried to teach him and always say it to him so he would follow but it is still not clear. There are some words that he refuses to follow like yes, sorry, i love you, excuse me, thank you and more. But he can say $#!+ hehe and lots more that he always heard from us but definitely not the polite words. While our little lambchop, she just say DADADADA and sometimes MAMAMA i don't know if its mama which means me or MAMa like yummy waaa. Im sure both my little monkey adored their Father. Lately, Jake cries every morning every time Joe leave the house for work. And he always look outside the window waiting for his Dada to come home. Then both Jake and Justine would run to the gate/fence when their Dada gets home from work.

So, in behalf of Jake and Justine, I Love You Dada!

I also would like to say I love you to my dearest Papa.


_el@i_ said...

aaawww, how sweet! happy father's day to your hubby and papa, too :)

Dhemz said... behalf man jud sure pretty soon, both J&J will utter "I love you" pretty soon.....:)

ayay! mao ba tsang....kuyawa pod ni jake kay balo man diay sa "S" word...hhehhehe.....not good kuya jake....:)

labay ko dire tsang....asa man mo mag laag this weekend?

agoy lami na kau iuli sa Cali...ehehehe....dko ganahan dire!

hala kisses sa mga pispis...mwah!

Chris said...

how sweet of you to write this post :) and thanks for sharing your hubby's photos too!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Look at Justine's looks on her dad, she's so curious, sabi bakit ang pogi lang ng daddy ko pero ang mommy ko.......super ganda!!!!! :D

Cecile said...

very nice post, tsang...nice photos of Jake and daddy....

seth said...

Happy Father's Day to your hubby! :-)

joyfulmom said...

nice connecting with you kababayan!
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Bambie dear ★ said...

happy father's day to your hubby and your dad..

Lulu said...

happy father's day! tagay na!

AC said...

haha!!! puro ba hindi pleasant ang nauunang words na nalalaman ni jake? cute pa naman habang bata marz... oks lng yun, pag tumanda na, mabubugbog mo na... wahaha!!! Happy Father's Day to Dada!!!

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