Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tips In Giving your Toddler a Haircut

This was not the first time that I gave Jake a haircut but certainly was the first time that he didn't complain while I am cutting his hair. It was also my first time to gave hubby a hair cut and he loves it. Double savings and he didn't have to go to the barber shop to wait a long line before he gets his turn plus no more tip of course. Before, everytime I trimmed his hair, he always moved his head around or make a fuss about it.
Anyhow, the secret so that your kids will let you cut his hair is let him watch while you are cutting his Daddy's hair. Boys always look up their father and they do what their dad is doing. Jake was watching us the whole time I gave Joe a buzzcut. And when it's time for his turn, he just sat there and letting me cut his hair. Bribe him something like Lollipop maybe. A lollipop is enough to divert his attention from the tingling feeling of scissors and comb. Give him something to hold on to so he won't grab the scissors. If his hand is full he can't grab your scissors or the things you are holding.
This was the result from the first hair cut that I gave to both of them.
After couple of days since i gave jake a haircut, we still noticed him scratching his head, or everywhere. His eczema is back and that hair has to go. I love his hair but when the weather gets humid he is sweating like a pig and start scratching everywhere. So, we decided to give him a buzzcut. He was such a good boy the whole time I buzz all his hair up. I think that show when I was giving his dada a buzz cut motivated him to behave.
This is my bald buckaroo with his bald Dada. What a balderful life in a balderful world hehehe.
Now, we don't have to go to the barber shop or parlor to pay $20 + tip each for hair cut. I'll just do both their hair and DIY for my own hair.


*josie* said...

Nyahahaha cute nmn, and he's behave the whole time, nice... btw added all your sites now. :)

charmie said...

Hahaha, pares na sila kalbo.. like father, like son.. Nice post sis:)

Dropping by through EC, thank you :)

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Na fi feel na rin siguro ni Kuya Jake yung discomfort lalo at mainit na,kaya wala na sya reklamo during the gupitan session. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Alam ko nakapag comment na ako sa post mong ito Shy pero nung tiningnan ko yung mga comments ay wala yung comments ko. Mukhang repost yata eto, kung baga sa TV show eh rerun, lol. Pero maski ano pang ipost mo ay susubaybayan kita. Die hard fan mo kasi ako (naks, nagsisipsip kasi nabigyan nang opps ni Shy, lol). Nakakatuwa lang na nuong una ay si EJ ang nagpakalbo, ngayon nman ay si Jake mo at si hubby mo, lol. Sana huwag ka ring magpakalbo, bwahahahaha, lol, joke lang kaibigan, natutuwa lang talaga ako. Thanks for the rerun, ehe, repost, ehe, post pala (mali mali talaga ako, lol). God bless you all always.

chubskulit said...

Ako din, kala ko nakacomment na ako lol.. Anyhow, ang galing mo bakla hehehe, noon ako tagagupit kay John ngayon ayaw na lol..

Cecile said...

good job, Tsang; thanks for the tips :-), bait ni Jake jake ko hay naku hanggang ngayon umiiyak pa din minsan or di kaya nakikiliti:-)

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