Monday, July 19, 2010

1-2-3 Magic

My SIL in Chicago sent this book to us last month. 1-2-3 Magic is a good book that describes some very effective discipline and methods for managing the behavior of children ages approximately two to twelve years old. When i first read the book I thought this method was already done by some parent from before. I even apply this method to my former pupils when i was teaching. The only difference is that children in the Philippines that are immune with corporal punishment won't listen to any 1-2-3 magic. If you say one those kids will answer two or give you a sarcastic answer that they are not scared with numbers. Anyhow, husband and I apply this method to discipline out Jake. At first it sounds funny when you raise your index finger and say ONE, and then Jake would answer TWO. We tried not to smile or laugh though and keep a firm look in our face. Jake still continued with her unpleasant behavior, so I raise my middle finger and says TWO, and then he answers Three. I waited for few second if he stops but unfortunately he doesn't. So, I raise my ring finger and say Three, and wait for 5 seconds. If he doesn't stops at three, I picked him up and give him a time out. His time out area which is the playpen is not working anymore because he knows how to get out from the playpen now. So, we used his bed room as time out place and he doesn't like it. According to the book, time out will depend on the kid’s age. If the kid is two years old, then he gets two minutes time out if he is four years old he get 4 minutes time out. We used this method seriously, and guess what Jake finally got it. Whenever we start counting him ONE even if he answers TWO, he already stops misbehaving or he waited before it reaches three and stop. So, I think it works on him like magic.


Dhemz said...

wow! mao ba tsang...agoy, we need to get this book for akesha...ehehehe...usahay badlungon kau ning among kulot....maldita...liwat sa!

have a safe trip to the big apple worthington fam.....looking forward to see your!

salamat tuod sa dalaw ug comments bayot....:)

Hopeful said...

Hehehehe magkatawa man sab tas imong Jake sis. Pila na ka tuig na imong eldest gni?

Akoa tawon mg turning 3 na soon akong son dili man ko tuhuan oi.Ako man hinuon iya disilplinahon. Ka fait jud!

*josie* said...

buti d kayo bumunghalit ng tawa every time he will answer the next number, lol.. hay mga kids talaga, well at least he understood now what you mean..

Bambie dear ★ said...

lol natawa naman ako habang binabasa ko, akala ko hindi effective. Thanks for sharing, and giving a little review.. I might as well try it with Anzy kapag super kulit na talaga. Right now, medyo napapagsabihan pa.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I don't know about this. My second eldest son used to do this to his youngest sister and I'm not sure whether it was effective or not. Counting to three probably gives a child the ultimatum that if he does not obey, he will be punished. What that punishment maybe is up to the disciplining person. Kids are natural teasers. They would drive you up the wall to see up to what point you can tolerate their behavior. I just don't mind my youngest if she disobey. I just ignore it as a case of sumpong. She's an angel when she does not have any bad mood. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you all always.

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