Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mommy Moments - Park Day

We arrived yesterday afternoon from our 5 days vacay in the Big Apple NYC. Since this week Mommy Moments theme was about Park Day, i thought posting some of the pics we got at Central Park. This entry is quite late already but it's better than never and I don't want to miss this week MM of course.

The Central Park in NYC is a very huge park. It's like all fun stuff in one park with people playing music every where.

That picture where Jake hanging like a monkey was in different park with sprinkler where lots of kids in different ages with their nanny and mommy.

These pictures right here was still in central park but it was on the other side of the park, the river side.
mommy moments


Mommy Rubz said...

Wow! Nakalaag diay mo sa Big Apple?! Ka nice ba uy. Luvet!!

jaz said...
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jaz said...
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jaz said...

hi! sorry sleepy nasayop... weheh!

lovely pics inday! glad you had some vacation... good for you and whole gang...

chubskulit said...

I love Jake's monkey pic hehehe..

Umma said...

WEEEH... Super enjoy diay mo Tsang sa vacay nyo sa Big Apple. Post more pictures Tsang.. excited to see them.

Lulu Post said...

mami shy ingon pa ni juz... bahala mo diha tulog ko kay kapoy sige laag wahehehe

SavvyMama said...

waaaaaa...pagka bibo kau sa getaway ninyo bayot....nalingaw ko sa inyong pics...gikapoy si baby juz...hahahhaha! looking forward to see more pics tsang...:)

woi bayot, sa wakas nana ko IC...hehehhe...karon lang jud nahuman ug install...busy kau akong lubot kaganina tawon....busy ko ug inventory sa among mga junks...sau man jud kau nig abot ang moving truck....nya g abot pod ang among car, nya g abot pod ang TV, agoy bulog akong ulo woi...lain lain man jud ug company ning gadala sa among mga butang...nalipong ko...wahahhaa...nag work naman jud si goryo.

glad to know you guys had fun...dali ra diay ang pag renew tsang?

lili lang ko dire kadali kay na excite lang ko...just want to say "hello, all the way from Texas...yeha cowboy!" nyahahahha....:)

hope to catch up tonight...mag OT jud ko tonight..bahala ug mahagbong ang pilok...nyahahha!

balik rako unya tsang...miss yah bayot..mwah!

Cecile said...

Wow, that is a famous park there, Tsang...yay galing happy you guys had fun at the big apple...ako kaha nus a man makaadto diha?

Clarissa said...

Weeehh!!Para na rin akong nakapunta dyan,Mommy Tsang!!sarap kayang mamasyal dyan!

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