Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Package From Kathy

Kathy author of the following blogs >Life, Women, A Mom and A warrior - The Crazy but very Fulfilling Life of a Mom sent me a package all the way from Louisiana. It has tons of pretty clothes for my little lambchop. This Minie Mouse Costume was one of them. I tried on Justine and she loved it. I paired it with shoes and she threw a fit when I removed the shoes from her feet. She love shoes thats what I have noticed. Jake was put on time out because he wanted to try the Minnie Mouse. He is a big fan of Mickey Mouse though. Thank you so very much sis for all the goodies. You are so nice. Thanks to Fifi and Andrea for sharing their pretty and fabulous clothes to my Lil lamb chop. Thank you guys.


vivapinay said...

wow your little lambchop looks so pretty and cute..

Anonymous said...

Pagka-cute ni inday justine sis oi! hehehe.. gi-angayan jud sya!!! Makadumdom na nuon kung Fifi sa una gamay pa sya oi...

Sister!!! Wla nimo tambuni akong address!!! Ako man kang tuk-on ron! nyahahahha!!!


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...tuk-a sis...joke! hahahah...sos woi ka cute tawon sa blonde...hastang angayan kau...parehas na nuon sila ug nawong ni fifi...ehehehe!

ayay! timeout si Kuya...ahhahaa...unsaon nga gusto man sad musuot diay...lol! so sweet of sis Kathy...:)

mandaygon ko bayot...salamat tuod sa lucky bamboo ha...ka sweet and thoughtful nimo...abay na nako tsang...ako na gibutang sa vase...cute kau...ako g-abay sa lappy para ma success ta ani...nyahaha...murag dagon ba...ehhehe...aw sa bulang raman diay na nga term ning dagon...lol!

hala woi...haybol nako...mwah!

Kayce said...

wow! ka cute ba kaayo ni justine oi! angayan kaayo siya sa iyang dress! so pretty!

Cecile said...

ang cute ni Tin2x, bagay na bagay sa kanyya ang custume :-).

chubskulit said...

Awww pagkaganda naman ng dalaga na yan, so sweet of Kathy hehehe

Lulu Post said...

wow cute... agoy akong bamboo tua sa kitchen wala i tapad sa lappy kay basin matumba mabasa ako lappy basin dili ko ma success...

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